Marketing Plan for the Film Idiocracy

In an organization the marketing managers follow a marketing process to carry out their responsibilities. Working within the plans set by the levels above them, product managers come up with a marketing plan for individual products, lines, brands, channels, or customer groups. Each product level must develop a marketing plan for achieving its goals. “A marketing plan is a written document that summarizes what the marketer has learned about the marketplace and indicates how the firm plans to reach its marketing objectives” (Wood, 2003).

Marketing plans are becoming more customer-and competitor-oriented and better responded and more realistic than in the past. ‘’The plans draw more inputs from all the functions and are team-developed. Marketing executive increasingly see themselves as professional managers first, and specialists second” (Kumar, 2003, p.26).  Planning is becoming a continuous process to respond to rapidly changing market conditions.

Chapter 1

Executive Summery

This section summarizes the main goals, recommendation and points as an overview for senior managers who must read and approve the marketing plan (Kotler and Armstrong, 2001). Director Mike Judge is venturing into lunching a new film, Idiocracy, in a mature market. Despite of some new hot film Idiocracy offers a combining of exclusive features. The film targeting specific segments in the customer and business markets, taking advantages of opportunities indicated by higher demand for easy to download, available DVD. The primary market objectives of this plan are to achieve 50% of theater market and $20 million on DVD rentals.

Chapter 2

Current Market Situation

In this section, marketing managers discuss the overall market, identify the market segments managers will target, and provide information about the current situation (Kotler and Armstrong, 2001).

Target Markets

  • Recreational
  • Comedy
  • Scientific
  • Romantic
  • Educational

Target market forecast-

Potential customer Growth 2003 2004 2005  CAGP
Recreational 10% 23162425 25478668 28026535 10.00%
Comedy 10% 468875 515763 567339 10.00%
Scientific 6% 2786528 2953720 3130943 6.00%
Romantic 15% 9019450 10372368 11928223 15.00%
Educational 4% 2347072 2440955 2538593 4.00%
Total 10.48%  37784350 41761474 46191633 10.48%

Idiocracy film manager search 3 years film market condition and carefully target specific market segments.

Chapter 3

Market Description

By describing the targeted segments in detail, marketers provide contest for the marketing strategies and detailedaction programs discussed later in the plan. Idiocracy film manager teenager, educated person, scientist, DVD users. The following table shows the film Idiocracy addresses the need of targeted customer and business segments.

Targeted segments Customer need Corresponding Feature/Benefit
Teenager(consumer market) New theme or story The film is exceptional than as usual film 
Educated Person(consumer market) Standard movie The theme is standard
Student(consumer market) Want to learning some thing This is a educational based film
scientist(consumer market) Want science fiction movie Science fiction
DVD User(Business market) Availability, cheap price   Available in market and cheap price.

Chapter 4

SWOT Analysis

The following SWOT analysis captures the key strengths and weaknesses within the company, and describes the opportunities and threats of the film Idiocracy.

  1. Strengths: “Strengths refer to the competitive advantages and other distinctive competencies that a company can exert in the market place. Andrews notes that “the distinctive competence of an organization is more than what it can do; it is what it can do particularly well.” (Andrews, 1971, p. 97 and Allan, 06 June 2007).
  2. Weaknesses: weaknesses are internal elements that may interfere with the company’s ability to achieve its objectives.
  3. Opportunities: Opportunities are external elements that the company may be able to exploit to its advantages.
  4. Threats: threats are current or emerging external elements that may possibly challenge the company’s performance (Hawkins and Best, 2008, p. 45).
SWOT Outline
Strengths The flim is directed by famous director Mike Judge.
Weakness The actress of the film is not so famous
Opportunities As the film is exceptional so it has a great opportunity
threats In 2006 there will be many hot film realize

Chapter 5

Marketing Strategy

The key to the marketing strategy is focusing on the director Mike Judge, actor, actress and exceptional film story and for this reason Idiocracy can cover about 80 percent of theatre market.

Strategy Subject
Positioning Idiocracy is an interesting film for all kind of viewer.
Product The music and the picture of the film is high quality in the DVD. There is a signature or some speech of director on every DVD.
Pricing The price of the DVD is less than the market price. One can easily download the film by the help of Internet at a cheap rate.
Marketing Communication The message of the film will be provide in the film web site which will provide a rich source of film information.
Advertisement and Promotion Several different methods will be used for the advertising effort. The film marketing manager can give advertising on various web sites and reputed television channel such as HBO, AXN, Star Movies etc.
Customer Service In the film web site the customer will get all the information about the film. The viewers will know the name of the actor actress and the date when the film release. They also get information about the theatre where the film releases.  

Chapter 6

Marketing Research

Management should explain in the section how marketing research will be used to support development, implementation and evaluation of strategies and action programs. (Kotler & Armstrong, p. 34). By the help of research, film marketing manager identifying the specific features and benefits that target market segments value. Feedback from market tests, surveys, and focus groups will help the marketing manager to develop the film.

Marketing research Features
Market Test The marketing manager tests the market condition.
Survey The marketing manager survey to the viewers and collect their opinion about the film director, actor, actress
Focus Group The marketing manager must focus group such as teenager, educated person etc.

Chapter 7


This section will offer the financial overview of Idiocracy film related to marketing activities. The film will address break-even-analysis, sales forecasts, expense forecast, and indicate how these activities link to the marketing strategy.

$0 $2512 $5025 $7337 $10050 $12562
$2000 $0 $2000 $4000 $6000 $8000

Monthly Break-even point

Break-even point= where line intersects with 0

Break-even Analysis (Bellow figure is hypothetical)

Break-even Analysis:  
Monthly Units Break-even 62
Monthly Sales Break-even $7760
Average Per-Unit Revenue $125.62
Average Per-Unit Variable cost $22.61
Estimated Monthly Fixed Cost $6363

Chapter 8

Sales Forecast

Idiocracy film marketingmanager feels that the sales forecast figures are conservative. It will steadily increase sales as the advertising budget allows. Although the target market forecast (tab) listed all of the potential customers divided into separated groups, the sales forecast groups’ customers into two categories: Recreational and Competitive. Reducing the number of categories allows the reader to quickly discern information, making the chart more functional.

Monthly Sales Forecast

Sale Forecast (Bellow figure is hypothetical)

  Sale Forecast
Sales Jan-Apr May-Aug Sep-Dec
Recreational $455740 $598877 $687765
Competitive $72918 $95820 $110042

Total Sales

$528658 $694697 $797807
Direct cost of sale Jan-Apr May-Aug Sep-Des
Recreational $82033 $107798 $123798
Competitive $13125 $17248 $19808
Subtotal cost of sale $95159 $125046 $143605

Chapter 9

Expenses Forecast

The expense forecast will be used as a tool to keep the department on target and provide indicators when modifications are needed for the proper implementation of the marketing plan.

Marketing Expenses Budget

Marketing Expensive Budget (Bellow figure is hypothetical)

Marketing Expenses Budget Jan-Apr May-Aug Sep-Dec
Web site $25000 $8000 $10000
Advertisement $8050 $15000 $20000
Printed Material $1725 $2000 $3000
Total Sale and Marketing Expenses $34775 $25000 $33000
Percent of Sale $6.58% $3.60% $4.14%
Contribution Margin $398725 $544652 $621202
Contribution Margin/Sales $75.42% $78.40% $77.86%
  • Controls: The purpose of Idiocracy film’s marketing plan is to serve as a guide for the organization. The following areas will b monitored to gauge performance:

Revenue: Monthly and annual

Expenses: Monthly and annual

Customer satisfaction

New product Development

Milestones: (Bellow figure is hypothetical)

Milestones Start Date End Date Budget Manager Department
Marketing Plan Completion 1/1/06 2/1/06 $0 prince Marketing
Web site completion 1/1/06 3/15/06 $20400 Outside firm Marketing
Advertising campaign #1 1/1/06 6/30/06 $3500 Prince Marketing
Advertising campaign #2 3/1/05 12/30/06 $4550 Prince Marketing
Development of the retail channel 1/1/06 11/30/06 $0 Prince Marketing
Total $28450
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