Marketing Trends

Marketing trends in our modern life move in a particular direction, developing new strategies and tendencies. Financial market and its marketing trends step forward and divide market on different sectors where they are operating. Secular market trends, choosing the right strategy, grow and develop in a way to become primary market trends, which operate throughout all the sectors. In this paper I will try to describe American marketing trends, their effectiveness and positive influence on market. The question of morality and crossing the line of ethics in business will also be answered. Moreover, I will give my personal opinion concerning the question if marketing is doing a good job or not.

Speaking about marketing trends in America, we can say, that every new year there are new opportunities for marketers. Companies develop their tactics better and better every day. Modern American business is founded on the production and distribution of things that customers want and grows according to their popularity. New ways of engaging customers into buying process become more and more actual and demanded for marketers. Staying on the top and being in the center of the customers’ attention became inseparable part of American market. Technologies and strategy development also help business and make marketing trends to move forward.

To be specific, we need to say, that American marketing trends work best in media nowadays. Companies are convinced that learning customers’ feedback is more useful for business decisions than overt marketing tools. Communications channel works on all the levels of business and gains more popularity because of technological development and worldwide social web. Nevertheless, marketers find new ways of expressing their ideas and customer entertainment. Effective marketing in America is based on the rule that if you want to be successful there is a need to understand what customer wants and be able to interact with him or her. We can say that current marketing trends in American media are quite successful because of different tactics and customer support. Facebook “likes” and “twits” help companies to be in the center of customers’ attention having an opportunity to keep society informed about new products and company’s news.

Marketing, media and morality are at the peak of attention today. To stay successful, companies try not to cross the line on ethics and morality in social media. The most important – is the message that is given through the social media. Companies, which move too quickly and make impropriate promotional material, do not survive in a struggle for the customer.

Taking marketing itself, we can say that it is doing a good job. Marketing strategies become more and more personalized for different customers and products. Developing marketing ways of brand distribution, customer gets more satisfied and supplied with everything that he or she needs. Depending on personality, companies try to use different approaches. Nevertheless, social media works in the same way. The difference is only in the message itself. For example, Facebook has great sharing possibilities, and, such companies as Apple, Beacon and others, use its full potential to get to the customer. Furthermore, marketing becomes more abstract in naming brands and illustrative (Matthew). Increasing media benefits are hitting the point of 75% of marketers plan to increase media spending in recent years (Mershon). That is why, social media marketing becomes more popular with a help of advertising campaigns and personalized customer tactics.

To sum up, we can say, that marketing trends in America use the whole potential of social media and develop their new ways of customer entertainment through the web. Effective marketing is media marketing that grows unceasingly in size.

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