The model, developed in 1980’s, there exist no starting point, or even implied hierarchy in the shape of the diagram; hence one cannot identify the driving force from the 7S’s in changing a particular organization at any point of time (Malan 2003).

In a change management programmer all 7s-es must be included, so the model is a tool to be in control of all elements.

The model can be used in an organizational change program in that considering links in between each and every S’s one can identify both weakness and strengths of an organization. By analyzing, describing, discussing and communicating the current situations and the future situations with respect to each element and then design ways or rather strategies to move from A to B. Using all the 7S’s can help identify the strengths and weaknesses clearly and effectively.

“If a planned change is to be effective, the change in one element must be accompanied by complementary changes in others as the model highlights the impact of change of one of the  S’s to the others” (Tavana 2013). This will help to ensure that all issues get  addressed during development of the change program me.

The model, therefore, a powerful framework for tracking and managing any change program in an enterprise ensuring that any change in any area get effectively tracked and managed to see to it that impact on the specific areas gets  properly managed.

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