Miller Beer Marketing Plan

A marketing plan depicts the model an organization will use in order to achieve its objectives regarding a product or a service over a specific period. Miller Company, being in the beer industry has over the years laid out strategies to promote its products to the market. However, unlike the previous years, Miller has targeted the broader market in a campaign to promote the intrinsic characteristics of its products by offering quality of the content rather than attractiveness of design.

The marketing plan

Its new strategy is aimed at promoting awareness among its potential and active customers regarding the benefits of consuming their product. Through such a move, the company hopes to revamp its productivity and long-term growth strategies. This strategy is already working and most retail outlets have witnessed an improvement in the sales volumes.

The company overhauled its entire supply chain in order to execute a more efficient one without redundancies. As a result, it was able to optimize space utilization, thus leading to lower costs incurred (

Data from analysis helped the management find ways to manage shelf space while still maintaining quality of content and aesthetic value of the product. The company has employed the services of computerized space planning system to aid in optimization of resources. By so doing, the company was also able to decipher the most appropriate assortment of stock-keeping unit to maximize of revenues while maintaining variety to consumers. Consequently, the organization has realized growth in profitability owing to the realignment of retailing facets.

According to Modern Brewery Age (2005), their analysis was timely and beneficial since it involved inclusion of customers’ views into their strategic plans. Consumers were ecstatic to try out the new product owing to their contribution in the marketing strategy. In one way or the other, the company used the survey as a way of meeting its potential and active customers. Through one on one discussion, the company was able to appeal to the individuals.


It is imperative for an organization to seek ways to streamline their production and distribution characteristics in order t achieve more efficiency. As a result, use of technology provides the best avenue for such plans. By optimizing the available resources and improving on quality of services and products, profitability targets become reachable.

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