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New Century Business Services is a privately owned executive search company headquartered in City of Industry, CA. The company was founded to find professionals to meet the staffing/recruiting needs specifically for staffing/recruiting companies. It offers a range of outsource business services to small and medium-sized businesses, including accounting and tax preparation, employee benefits, payroll, property and casualty insurance, and consulting.

The company was founded by a Canadian entrepreneur Michael DeGroote, who had taken an indirect route to the multi-million business of outsourcing backroom operations. He was born in Belgium in 1933, and later came to Canada as an immigrant with his parents in 1948 after they had sold away their farm and moved in southern Ontario. At the age of 18, DeGroote had already been able to put aside a good amount of money to buy a surplus army truck and use them to make a meaningful living by delivering manure from dairy farms to the tobacco fields. DeGroote sure-fire entrepreneurial skills and spirit were unleashed a year later when he successfully acquired 4 gravel trucks and matched into a full-fledged trucking business. He later eyed the professional service industry and after investing and properly setting its economic course, the New Century Business Service came to formation.

As the company won to its service more than 200 local firms in the late 1990s to create a network of service providers, Century did not deter its acquisitions from continuing to operate under their initial names, but the company has since asserted to many of its acquisition the use of CBIZ as a recognizable brand name. The company as a wide range and location of operations that spread across 33 states, the District of Columbia, and Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Like many company’s, Century had its darkest hour in  1998 when its prices on  stock faced a significant drop after the company came under sharp criticism by its opposition who were mainly the influential Massachusetts research firm Off Wall Street, which then had become a renowned active short seller. The key claim of this firm was that Century's acquisitions had become too spread out and had therefore become unable to yield the kind of cross-selling market chances that its top management had earlier strongly promised. Off Wall Street further claimed that Century was overly far from circumspect in its actual buys and thus hardly objecting to possible acquisition. Furthermore, the research firm made a hard shot at the Century's aggressive accounting, like its booking of the revenues of an acquisition long before the deals had been sealed and finalized, which as a reward enhanced the keeping of the  Century's stock price artificially high and fuel even further acquisitions.  

With his company under sharp allegations of inherently being a house of cards and sadly watching the price of Century’s stock go down at an alarming rate, DeGroote tok action by vigorously responding against his critics. He convinced his major shareholders and stock analysts in a conference call that the company had become a victim of "deliberate lies" and that some few research analysts had busied themselves in "intentionally warping" the company's numbers. More influential than his accurate words, I think, was his declaration that he was going to buy "one to two million shares or more" of this company’s common stock. DeGroote's punctual actions and words had the effect he had desired, and in not so long after the stock price of Century quickly rebounded. The stability of the company has remained till to date.

In deed, difficulties on the job arise more often from a lack of human understanding than from a lack of knowledge and skill. What matters in a work environment is the ability of the workers to appreciate each others weaknesses. At the start of my internship, a number of my colleagues regarded my failure to carryout my duties with utmost speed as my inability to quickly learn the skills involved. However, on constant coaching by the accounting department’s assistant manager I was able to develop an insatiable desire to deliver excellent results and ultimately winning acclamation from my colleagues. Surprisingly still, I was able to work diligently in other areas of the department like the employee payments sector with a lot of ease yet I had never worked their before. This success, you will agree, can only be attributed to the unswerving understanding and support that the assistant manager and my colleagues accorded to me.

The New Century Business Services has an elaborate system of training its interns for the first week of their service in order to prepare them for hard takes a head. The fact that the company targets professionals is an indicator that the process of conducting interviews and ultimately recruiting them is a task up the hill. And training the staff becomes inevitable.

Before carrying out interviews and recruitment, I was assigned to the assistant accountant in the accounting department for one week. This was a good opportunity for me to undergo a form of training in order to know how to handle interview and recruitment documents belonging to the company. In connection to that, the company’s information technology department has developed a training module in handling of the documents in which one has to do a test and the level of rights of access to more and more sensitive documents will depend entirely on the score of the test. Once the test is taken the score sheet is signed by the concerned member of staff and his/her immediate supervisor before being sent to the IT department along with a rights demand form. The IT department will then issue a user name and a password and user rights solely dependent on the score on given by the supervisor. This training package also involves training in all the software applications that are used by the company’s staff depending on the department.

The objective of this is to build an existing level of quality as far as the handling of all the company’s accounting, carrying out accounting based responsibilities already provided in this paper, and to fully understand the working of all the software programs that one would come across as far as duties in the department are concerned.

Despite the challenges that I faced, my superiors were very pleased with my work. They described me as ‘a hardworking and ready to learn intern with the ability to work under negligible supervision’, in one of the recommendation letters to be submitted to my supervisor. I was able to match with the strict company’s policies and managed the normal challenges of a working environment with utmost courage.

My internship equipped me with great skills in interviewing, recruiting, consumer satisfaction, formulation of payrolls and their execution. The wide range of duties assigned to me have had a great positive impact in my organization leadership skills and has instilled in me top-notch professional ethos, ethics and the codes. I would like to say here, if it helps, that it is my wish to later work as an employee of this company after completion of my University degree.

The main difficulty I encountered was the carrying out duties with the use of the company’s sophisticated system of accounting. With years of Internet use, experiences in ‘yahoo’ and other normal email functions, I found it hard to adapt to the use of a totally different concept in online communication that involved making online quality calls through information coded in the department’s Computer Mediated Communication (CMD) strategy. Although I was using objects and classes to use an accounting program, there still existed a mixture of both simplified and complex programming concepts that are used by these professionals that the company serves.

Being an intern, I felt very much challenged by the heavy work load that was supposed to be completed at specific deadlines. In this regard, a number of my colleagues would turn overbearing especially when my part counted to the completion of their own responsibility. However, I was able to catch up in good time and as I became more and more familiar with the systems, my work turned to be a great inspiration to my formerly unhappy colleagues. 

In addition, the accounts department experiences a sharp shortage of staff coupled with the fact that very few employees in the department have the rights to open accounts. This makes it very difficult for the staff members during peak times of the year.

Following my internship New Century Business Services, I find the immediate implementation of the following recommendations by the faculty and the company very worthwhile;

1.The first recommendation would be that the faculty introduces key courses that will ensure that students are adequately equipped in the usage of modern computer software depended systems of accounting. This will in turn ensure that internships in companies like are purely for professional advancement and not tuition centers for students to learn new accounting software.

2.The New Century Business Services management should take note of the current emergence of new professions whose importance in the 21st century economy can never be overstated and ultimately design services that can be offered towards these new kinds of professionals. The point is, this company should diversify its services to suit new professions.

New Century Business Services is a privately owned executive search company headquartered in City of Industry, CA. The company was founded to find professionals to meet the staffing/recruiting needs specifically for staffing/recruiting companies. It offers a range of outsource business services to small and medium-sized businesses, including accounting and tax preparation, employee benefits, payroll, property and casualty insurance, and consulting.

My major duties included: actively recruiting qualified accounting professionals through the use of direct recruiting, internet, referral programs and networking in the business through the, conducting interviews and skill assessments on recruited candidates, including behavioral interviews, technical skill testing and reference checking. I was also charged with. Placing appropriately skilled candidates on temporary assignments and conduct quality control calls on all orders. Managing employees assigned to temporary projects and provide ongoing coaching, counseling and career support, and communicating various aspects of temporary staffing division operations to ensure compliance with established goals and objectives among others.

A work environment is agreeably one of the places where challenges are inevitable, however what matters is the ability to stay focused to the set goals and ultimately going round these challenge. I faced challenges during my internship in the New Century Company. The challenges notwithstanding, I was able to work diligently since my superiors were very pleased with my work.

My internship in the New Century Business Services equipped me with great skills and acted as a stepping stone on which attaining my future professional desires is greatly possible. The knowledge of the manner in which different levels of management interact and coordinate their duties acquired from this internship will definitely come in handy in my professional future.

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