Organizational Behavior Research

The concept of organizational behavior deals with comprehension of human behavior and interactions in an organization. It also focuses on the variables that affect the structure and performance of employees in a company. These are vital since they affect the productivity and position of the company in the market.

One of the biggest government contractors in the country has been rocked with controversy. Lockheed Martin’s incoming CEO was forced to resign following claims of improper personal conduct with a junior level staff member (Cameron, Lublin, 2012). It is stated in the company policy that employees should not engage in romantic affairs with other members of staff. According to the company policy guide, such affairs lead to a conflict of interest between work and pleasure and hence will result into a decline in productivity.

It is even graver if the inappropriate behavior is exhibited by someone in top management. The company is the biggest contactor with defense commodities. With such high ranking clients as the USA government, they have to maintain a strict code of ethics and morals.

The incident is seen as a blessing in disguise. The person who will take over the leadership mantle is a much more suited candidate in terms of employee relations and performance record. The company needs someone who will unite the workers and steer the company into higher performance levels. According to an insider, the recently promoted CEO has posted positive results ever since joining the company in 1983. With this performance trend, the company will be passed into capable hands.

In order to create harmony and a successful organizational culture, it is imperative for top management to establish workable communication channels with the employees. Ms Hewson, the incoming CEO, has an impressive record of employee likeability and relates well to people in all levels of management. Her use of inspiration as a method of leadership makes her the most liked senior manager. She will hence bring a fresh wave of management techniques that are bound to be beneficial to the company.

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