Role of vertical and horizontal differentiation

Differentiation involves segregation of organizational duties and responsibilities into departments for easier coordination and networking. Vertical differentiation improves easier coordination and improvement of activities. This process improves and ensures decisions are make fast without delay in an organization. This process also ensures that decisions made are appropriate and in conformity to organizational strategy. Horizontal differentiation involves separation and segregation of tasks according to functionalism and specialization. It ensures efficiency execution of tasks to the optimal level since experts are dispensed to their areas of specialization. There is proper synchronization since the bureaucratic form is followed and directs how tasks will be accomplished therefore avoiding conflict of interests. However, horizontal differentiation is the most preferred for efficient accomplishment of duties in an organization (Gerald 2001).

Advantages and disadvantages of division of labor

Division of labor involves segregation and assignment of different duties to specialized and different personnel. It is advantageous since it improves and increases production. It also saves on time since the period required for apprenticeship is little and does not involve complex processes. However, its disadvantage is that, it does not give employees an opportunity to execute their full potentials besides under capacity utilization of both resources and employees. Span of management refers to the number of employees that are supposed to report to a single manager. Division of labor involves separation of responsibilities into departments so do the increased number of span of control units (Colin 2000).

Acceptance of Authority

Acceptance authority is the power accorded to employees especially those involved in receiving of products and commodities in a business for viable reasons from suppliers. However, the final authority of acceptance is vested in the top officials of a business. In an organization where employees are given full support by their managers, authority acceptance becomes very easy and employees are willing to take up tasks regarding another company’s products without fear of intimidation from managers. Therefore support recognition and appreciation forms fundamental pillars to acceptance authority by employees (Michael, Duane and Robert 2008).

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