P&G Company

With approximately operations in 80 countries and marketing its 300 brands of products in more than 160 countries, P& G Company has had a comprehensive performance management: P&G Company has used, balanced scorecard which is a performance management method where a company takes an all-inclusive approach so as to experience improvements in all departments. In Procter and Gamble Company, balanced scorecard has been implemented in its financial, customer relation and internal operations.

Procter and Gamble Company have also used six sigma performance management methods. This is a method that helps improve, define measures and control processes that are in existence in an organization (Dessler 2000). In Procter and Gamble, it has been used in collecting of information from the students of the company and using the same information to improve the quality of their products.

The company has also used the financial framework as a method of its performance management. In its finance appropriation and expenditure, P&G company acknowledge the fact that well paid employee and bettering their wellbeing through the provision of social services is key in its success.

The use of a balanced scorecard by Proctor and Gamble is beneficial for the company. Being a consumer product manufacturer and having many production lines, a holistic approach is noteworthy in its operation. This will enhance smooth operation within all departments. Use of six sigma has been vital, as it has enhanced the company understanding their customers’ needs and expectations. The use of these performance management methods has been effective as evidenced by the company continued growth and opening of new production lines.

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