Possible Methods for Helping the Maintenance Supervisor

The sphere of customer service is one of the most significant ones for any business, especially if this is a store selling goods and / or services online. Based on the iProspects (2007) findings, “In case of the hazard issue, the best possible solution would be to change the prioritization system in a way to differentiate the orders by the date and time of delivery”. On the one hand, it would be easier for the maintenance supervisor to support the daily selling operations and on the other hand, it would bring more clients to the online store (p. 2).

Every company and / or an organization should start its business from three simple steps: inspection, reporting and accident research. That is what makes it legitimate according to the “Occupational Safety and Health Act” that was passed in 1970. There are three factors that influence such an important aspect of work; they are: accident reconstruction, failure analysis and product liability conception. All the accidents and incidents should be considered in terms of the investigation process, situational analysis, technical reporting, and resource materials for all the safety actions (U.S. Department of Labor, 2011, p. 3).

The major objectives of the act are to make the working environment and servicing conditions better by means of “keeping and / or improving the working capacity as well as to protect the clients and employees from accidents and diseases or other hazards at the workplace” and finally make the community protected by local legislation. Thus, there will be cooperation between the workers and the heads of the companies in order to fulfill the obligations, manage the rights and, in the long run, get pleasure from favorable working conditions according to occupational safety and health awareness (U.S. Department of Labor, 2011, p. 2).

According to Tumulty (2007), “The system of prioritization should be very critical to the hazard situations and constantly observe their occurrence”. The idea is to proclaim and instill the importance of client safety and do everything possible to take into account every essential measure to prevent hazardous cases on the workplace. It would also be possible to approach the support operations in terms of “online selling, customer care, profit and innovation management”. The result would have a positive effect and would help the maintenance supervisor to always be ready to protect the customers from various risks of hazard issues (Tumulty, 2007).

Perfection has no limits and that leads to a conclusion that once a company is willing to have the most favorable reputation and flawless image among its competitors, potential clients and employees, it has to take full responsibility for constant improvements in all the possible directions of a particular business. It is easy to restate true facts about the hazard avoidance and corrections but the most significant thing is to understand how to use them in practice. It is also very significant to follow the rules of the best practices, as well as try to figure out recommendations to improve and enhance the hazard support system, which is obligatory for any working practices.

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