A product distribution strategy is a plan specifying how the firm aims at transferring products through channels of distribution to the final consumer. A distribution strategy defines the different costs and factorials that are involved in the getting the products of a firm from production to consumption (Hauser and Shugan, 1983).

Distribution strategy for custom designed jewelry

The following sentences will briefly give a strategy for distribution of custom designed jewelry. The first step involves making a choice of the actual jewelry products one would like to distribute for example bangles, necklaces or even earrings. After that, one will evaluate the different ways through which the consumer can have access to information about your product. Information resources such as internet, radio, TVs and other media may come in handy here. Also, word of mouth is also very important. The next step would be to identify where these target customers are located and figure out the best ways to take the product to them, for example either by air, courier, water or even mail.

The above strategy allows the manufacture of this jewelry to assess every step to ensure that what is being produced is what the target market demands. The simplicity of the strategy ensures that feedback is prompt and the client is able to acquire what he or she wants at the specific time of need.

Case 12.2 convergence of TV and internet

The idea is receiving TV broadcast from multiple electronics devices such as phones, computers and other gadgets is very appealing. The convergence of distribution of the TV and the internet may be where both are relying on each other for marketing. For example, TVs are being designed to have internet features and the internet is being modeled to air live TV.

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