Project Management Discussion Question

The project manager needs to involve the managers of individual restaurants and get to discuss with them how the reorganization will change the running of the various restaurants. It is also imperative to project the challenges expected to appear as a result of the reorganization and measures that ought to be put in place to mitigate the challenges. The changes that are likely to be brought about by the changes such as the number of the staff, the time required to serve a customer and adoption of new technology need to be put into perspective and a determination made on the extent to which the changes are positive. They should also come up with the timeline on when to start effecting the changes.

It is also important for the manager to communicate with the staff of individual restaurants and get to know how each feels about the changes. The manager should establish ways of determining whether the changes improve output of the workers using various indices.

The manager in association with the individual restaurant managers should establish a feedback mechanism to establish the feelings of the customers on the changes.

The risks from the changes include negative reception by the customers which may lead to a fall in sales.  This can be determined through the feedback systems and if the customer reception is negative, it may be effective to get their opinion on how the changes can be developed further to suit their expectations.

There may also be a risk of a fall in output of workers. This can be mitigated by giving them an effective orientation on how the new system will operate and involving them in the changes thus making them feel part and parcel of the same.

The changes may also result in slowing down of the purchasing process before the customers get accustomed to the new method of purchasing. This can be mitigated by ensuring that there is always a staff member ready to serve the customer during this transitional period.

Effecting the changes in some restaurants first to act as a pilot for the others may prove to be the solution as the manager will know what to expect.

As a manager of an individual restaurant, one would wish to know when the changes will be effected, if there are many changes whether they will be effected at the same time or in different stages, whether the changes should be made known to the customers through advertisement and to what extent the changes will call for a reorganization of the business and whether the changes have been tried elsewhere and what the outcomes were.

This will enable the restaurant manager to plan ahead on how to effect changes, how to reorganize their staff and systems in line with the changes and if the system has been tested elsewhere, where to benchmark so that they can know what challenges to expect. Areas of interests such as the budget to effect the changes and the training of the section of staff affected by these changes need to be considered so that they do no derail the project.

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