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Smartphones are more than just the sleek body that comes with most of them. Nowadays, customers look past the appearance to the features, and more importantly, the operating system embedded in them (Smartphone operating systems, 2011). In the recent past, such companies as Apple and Samsung have positioned themselves at the top of the market. Other companies such as Microsoft are also in the battle of control (Heather, 2012). Hence, RIM has been kicked to the third position, as more and more people clock the latter companies. In particular, Apple has around 70% of the market shares.

By this analysis, RIM risks the possibility of finding itself out of the market if strategic actions do not materialize. Since the release of the first Blackberry Smartphone in 2002 (Sweeny, 2009), the company had a profitable run for a number of years (RIM products, 2012). However, in May 2011, the company controlled only 10% of the market share in the operating system cradle. It showed that some forces in the market were driving the company into the ground. Some of the possibilities include probable superiority of other operating systems or lack of adequate marketing zeal. The company has a wide range of sleek phones (Blackberry 6 OS, 2012), hence the physical design cannot be the cause of this unfortunate decline.

Market control is not the only issue ailing the company. Some of the others include legal and patent issues that have cost the company millions of shillings (The Canadian Press, 2011). Top management in the company has also been falling lose leading to a destabilized management. Also, some of their applications such as the BBM are always crashing, which causes customers to have a negative attitude towards the company (Charles, 2011).

An operating system is the backbone of a mobile device (Stallings, 2005). It should be precise to the specifications that will benefit the company and ensure simplicity for the customer (Silberschatz, et al, 2008). RIM has heard the suggestion many times, but they should consider modifying their operating system to include more of the high flying features (New OS Features, 2011). They could include user friendly applications (Dhotre, 2009). Also, they can incorporate fun features to attract the younger customers. All these will work superbly as part of attempts to lure the customers back to the company.

Apart from improving the layout of the operating system, the company should market their product with renewed vigor. Efforts to expose the products into the market will reach many people, hence spreading awareness. Consumers are likely to purchase a familiar product rather than one which they have no information about. Thus, by marketing the products, the company will play on the psychology of consumers to influence their buying decisions (Lars, 2011). Marketing should take place through popular media, which will reach people faster, hence spreading the intended message further (Louise, 2012).

Leadership is extremely important in a company. There is immense pressure that the market puts on a company to have exemplary leadership (Peter, 2009). This aspect of a company directly associates with the performance (Larry, Ram, Charles, 2002). With the change in management, the company should ensure a custom where by leaders are the fundamental pace setters in the organization (John, 2009). If the company manages to smooth out its management, there will be a positive image on the company from the market, and hence their operating system will stand a better chance of selling. All the above recommendations will be beneficial in ensuring that the company regains its former glory in the market.

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