Safety and Home Office

Home offices are increasing phenomenon that has gained popularity among many employers. Home workers are those employees contracted to work at home for an employer or works for themselves with their offices at home. Employers have the duty to provide protection, proper working conditions and other safety adherences for all their employees including home workers. To ensure the safety of all the employees, employers are supposed to conduct a risk management and assessment for all the work activities that are carried out by employees on their behalf. This should involve the risks and hazards related to home workers’ working conditions and assess whether any of the worker’s activity may be injurious either to themselves or those around their home offices (Bryan and David 45).

Safety involves elimination of all the possible risks associated with a particular work. Risks as discussed in this context involve; any chance may it be great or small that has propensity to harm someone through a hazard. Hazard on the other hand refers to anything with a potential to cause harm to someone. In order for risk assessment to be carried out effectively, several considerations must be adhered, to ensure safety of the home and the working place are maintained. All the possible hazards and risks should be well identified and a proper conclusion made on the vulnerable persons capable of being harmed by the risk. Appropriate action should be taken immediately to eliminate or reduced to the lowest levels the possible of risk and hazard occurrence. Finally a clear and well documented report should be maintained concerning the risk assessment and a frequent routine carried out from time to time for necessary action to be taken (Great Britain 43).

When employers provide home workers with equipments, they should ensure that the equipments match perfectly with the assigned task assigned. Employees should be thoroughly trained by trained and qualified trainers for proper use of the issued equipments for the work to be done safely and in the proper manner. These equipments be it furniture or electronics should undergo frequent checking to maintain their safety and proper functioning to prevent any damage to those working with them or those around them. Proper equipments and protective devices should always be provided for handling any equipment used by home workers. It is the responsibility of the workers to maintain proper functioning of the provided equipments and machines and ensure they are in good conditions all the time (Charles n pg).

The home office should be well maintained and if possible kept under lock and key to prevent damage and office disorganization from unauthorized persons interfering with the work. Other safety measures that should be implemented in home offices is to ensure that the ventilation is adequate, reasonable free space free from disturbances and distractions, furniture arrangement should not be crowded in the office and the surface floor should be properly maintained and not slippery. Stress management should also be equally considered as a source of risk both in work place and in home offices. Home workers should therefore be allowed to have breaks and work leaves.

Home workers are also entitled to compensations just like other employees at the employers’ workstation in case of injury. All other benefits that employees should enjoy are supposed to be granted to home workers as well. Other than the agreed cost waiver, all other benefits stipulated in the law should be granted to home workers as well. The compensation program for home workers should as well include their retirement benefits, health insurance schemes and any other relevant statutory deductions as stipulated by the law.

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