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Shipsim Inclusive was recently awarded a contract to provide ship simulators for one of the major cruise lines in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.  Because the cruise line company is eager to establish its base in a saturated market area and have therefore opened a branch to facilitate its objective, Shipsim has decided to relocate its offices to effectively deal with the project demands. This Re-Location Project is designed to involve a number of issues and strategies which are categorized into Administrative, Furniture, Telephones, Computer and Information Technology, Office Relocation and Exclusions (Bailey & Leland, 2006; Guffey & Loewy, 2010). On the whole, the project must be completed within 90 days in the most cost-effective and yet efficient way. While the Shipsim has already leased 3,000 Square feet area in a partitioned warehouse, the success of the project remains moving partitions to facilitate the creation of private offices for the Project Manager and Susan, and an open space with low subdivisions of office areas for other employees, IT room, a store and a break-room. Further, there will be need for electrical, telephone and networking and equipment system. Therefore the project is configured in the following manner:


The project will require relocation and deployment of members of staff to Fort Lauderdale. This will require logistical support as well facilitative measures to ensure employees adapt to the new working environment. In addition, the project will require the Manager to prepare a work plan which will be influential in setting out goals, targets and timelines within which the targets must be realized in the project span of 90 days, with a budget of less than $200,000. The Project Manager will also be in charge of buying telephone system from our current supplier, Telecom Plus.

While the Project Manager will be responsible for overseeing the entire project and arranging for Shipsim’s employees and the outsourced staff from Telecom Aplus travel to and from Lauderdale, the Human Resource (HR) department will be responsible for the movement of the company’s families and dealing with accruing budget therein. The roles of the HR department will also include facilitation and arrangement of accommodation to cater for Shipsim staff as well as those of Telkom Aplus. The HR department will be responsible for the recruitment of additional employees from the Fort Lauderdale. The positions will include Software Engineer, a Mechanic, Office Administrator and a Marketing Associate. 

The Project Manager will write a proposal requesting the need to hire the services of a Florida firm to provide and install partitions, with pre-wired and electrical wiring as well as additional furniture and equipments. This proposal will also detail the expenses for transit of computers, their equipments and cabinet files drawer for each staff.


The furniture which will be needed by all staff will include desks, chairs and file cabinets. These will be brought transported from the current offices, a role that the Project Manager will play, in terms of arranging for transportation. These will also apply to the refrigerator, microwave, and two tables to be placed in a break which will serve as a conference room.


The installation of the telephone system will be done by Telecom Plus. The installations will be designed as follows: one for each employee, and one for the department of Information Technology (IT), Storage and Break rooms. It will also be responsible for the installation of the network wiring which will entail the design to house the network equipment and terminate the wiring as well. The hired Software Engineer and the Mechanic will be responsible for creating a new house bench for the new servers in the IT room.  Beyond that the specific role of the mechanic will be fitting various metal instrumentation and equipments in the new office.

Computer and Information Technology

Peter and those who will be allocated to perform information related jobs must have, like Peter, expertise in a number of areas. This will include but not limited to: web development, ASP, software architecture system and server hosting processes. On the other hand, Peter will be mandated to ensure that computers and other network equipments are bought online from Hewlett Packard.  Together with the entire IT department and outsourced IT staff, he will install among others, network gear comprising a switcher, and probably Wireless Accept Point (Reimold, 2004).The Shipsim existing members of staff will individually relocate their personal computers at cost which will be determined by the HR department. However, Peter, the IT specialists together with the Software Engineer, will be responsible for the relocation of two computer servers to be installed in the new IT room.

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