Search Engine Optimization

SEO is the short form of Search Engine Optimization. This is a process of improving the search position of any web site. It makes it easier for the web site user to access it, holding the fact that there are many web sites that hold the same information or of the same line of business. A good search engine is characterized with the ability to place the web site fairly well on top when one of the key word phrases or site themes is touched (Jennifer, 2008). These following points outline the importance of search engine optimization.

An optimized web site can also be referred to as a business tool (Rebecca, 2009). This is because it makes it possible for users to identify with the site. Search Engine Optimization helps web owners to market their web site, hence making it user friendly. Compared to other web sites of the same relevant information or content, a search optimized web site obtains a quality search result.  It gives a domain name that is easily remembered and spelt. The Search Engine Optimization helps to rank the web site comparatively higher in marketing. Being strategically placed in relation to other competitors gives the business an edge as many customers always have a chance to identify with that business.

Accessibility is major factor to be considered when marketing a company or even a web site. If a web site is optimally searched, accessibility becomes easier to all site visitors as compared to other competing sites.

Time is also a major factor to result to a search optimized web site. Keeping in mind that many internet users use cyber cafes as the only place where they can access internet, it makes it easier to search a company whose web site is search optimized. Many web users will tend to revisit the site due to it accessibility. Search engine optimization makes it cost-effective to the cyber users as they spend less time in searching.

Quality and quantity content of the website is displayed depending on word density. If an information seeker keys in one of the words or a phrase in the web page, it automatically displays that information fast and in a reliable manner. It makes it easier to get all relevant information in a lesser time just by typing one key word within the web. This therefore makes that web site a reliable and dependable source of information.

To conclude, owning a web site is not all that a business person should dream to have but to own a quality, accessible and an informing web site. By optimizing the web site information will always be readily available to the users, hence making learning easier and the world becomes a global village. Web sites are designed to be accessed by potential customers. Therefore, a web site should be tailored to meet their needs. It is obvious that a customer is a stakeholder in business. However, a search optimized web site should help these very important stakeholders to readily get information.  

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