Skiils and Abilities

For network security personnel, the employer needs to consider many skills and abilities of someone he or she is considering to hire. Physical fitness of the person needs to be considered. The individual needs to be healthy, quick and physically reliable, so that they are able to defend their selves and the clients when necessary. The person should also posses’ excellent communication skills. The individual should also portray the ability to lead and to follow. Honesty is another skill, and most of all is that the individual should show that they have undergone the necessary training for the job. With the computer technician, the right individual for the job should have problem solving skills, interpersonal abilities, which show that, the candidate can relate well with other employees and the employer, as well. The candidate should also have a computer and technical literacy. Effective communication, teamwork skills and diversity sensitivity are skills that the employer needs to look out for too. Above all, professionalism and work ethic plus positive attitude and energy are also paramount (McKinney, 2001).

For the office manager, the employer needs to consider the communication skills of the individual. An office manager should have exceptional oral communication skills. This is because he will be dealing mostly with clients and will, thus, be required to communicate in a way that can easily be understood. Another skill is a good decision making. Most of the time, the company is under the control of the manager. He, therefore, needs to be in a position of making decisions that should never affect their work and the company at large, on behalf of the company. The manager should also have good supervisory experience and needs to be having exemplary leadership skills. If I had a business, I would be looking for a person with a graduate degree and someone experienced on the position that I want them to occupy. I would also expect to see good grades in the course taken by the individual. I would also look at a person who has worked with a recognized organization before. The personality types that the employer looks out for are honesty, reliability and competency (Barrick,2003).

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