Staffing Process

Staffing process is one of the most sensitive processes in any organization. Proper planning and forecasting is always entertained to meet the obvious intentions of recruiting staffs in all organizations that has a positive attitude to wards its objectives, goal and vision. Today recruitment process is critical to all due to many changes and availability of various unique skills available in the job market. Also to consider while planning for a recruiting process is the future of your organization keeping in mind the competition in your industry. If recruitment is poorly effected, the organization will suffer a substandard service delivery to its customers. (Schuler, 1987)A customer guarantees the development of any ambitious organization and hence he or she deserve quality services and products for his or her painfully earned money.

What all organizations are looking for when recruiting is affordable and reliable labor force which will stir the interests of the organization forward holding other factors constant. This therefore proves how risky the process is and therefore calls for proper planning and good strategies to manage these risks. All stake holders in the recruiting process in an organization should come up with a customized strategy to feet there expectation. Human resource department should collaborate with other stake holders of the process for a joint planning. Each department should forward its proposal to the human resource department for consideration.

For the case of the general motors company limited, our recruitment process is always determined by the various departments, for example the Finance, marketing, human resource, legal, administration and the engineering departments. In each of the above department has to forward its required list of employees it needs and their qualification limits and the budgeted cost to meet their salaries and allowances for one financial year. Why and when queries need to be address fully by the concerned department. Due to the new development the company is undergoing, we are expected to recruit in mostly all departments. Six new regions are expected to get our services by the next financial year. Holding the fact that the number of customers to be attend is going to increase, all department therefore must expand there labor force by introducing new skills in its bracket.

To start with finance department is expected to add six more chief accountants and twelve more account assistants to meet the needed demand with a budget of 45000 dollars in one financial year. Each new region is expected to be headed by a chief accountant. We expect to have two account assistants in every new region for effective monetary management in these new areas. Marketing department is also expected to recruit six field coordinators and eighteen field executives for the six regions with a budget of 35000 dollars. One field coordinator is expected to be placed in every region to head the marketing department. Field executives should report directly to the field coordinator. Their duties are to create awareness of the company in the new region and mostly to its potential customers. In human resource department two officials are required to replace the out going or retiring officials with a budget of 1200 dollars since an organization can efficiently run without this vital department.

Due to increased cases and the need of the organization function within the lawful doctrine its legal department is expected to recruit two legal officers with a budget of 6000 dollars. Their duties will be to interpret legal provisions to the administration of the organization Eighteen administrators are required in the new offices with a budget of 38000 dollars. There duties entails, administering the new administration and effectively running the new office to the company expectations. Whereas in the engineering department six driver and 24 engineers are required.48000 dollar budget is required to effectively meet their allowance and salaries for one financial year. Engineering department is always in the center of our business, we expect to place four engineers at every new region. These engineers are expected to handle all technical issues that will arise in there region. Cleaners, massagers and tea girls are needed, one in each of the six regions. The figures and numbers of new employees above were resulted to due to many factors like the capital that is available, the tools of trade available, the number of customers to be attended to expectations and income expected.

For the company to recruit employees for the above positions, a strategy was put in place for a smooth process. Keeping all factors constant, human resource office should evaluate the workability of all proposals submitted. After approving all reasonable proposals, human resource department then has to compose a solid strategy to effect the requests. The questions of where to source are always raised, whether to in-source or out source the required candidate. If it is opted to out source employees, then a well elaborated strategy plan is laid. For a starter, a policy to recruit is established. Second job analysis and evaluation is conducted to asses the requirement of each position. Each position should have a minimum requirement to meet the market requirement. Responsibility of each candidate should be drawn with an explanation of whom to report to. Gender balancing, race, tribe and health challenges should be observed while planning of how to hire and make the process legal.

The intention of hiring should be made public by either posting the offer online or by advertising with local newspaper or even hiring a recruiting agent to source the right candidate for the positions. After collecting the required resumes from willing and able candidates, the following should be put in place: shortlist candidates with more appealing capabilities. From their, a panel of interviewers from all involved department are selected. These people should help you(human resource manager) come up with the right questions to be asked during interview. At this stage human resource office has a chance to advertise or to authorize the agent to go on with advertising. Candidates are then rated according to the scores he or she got in the interview. Also important is the interviewer’s comment on candidates. After hiring the right candidates for the available positions, personnel officer should then budget for the training process of all successful candidates.

The legality of the process was prioritized, by first making the process open and transparent. All candidates with required qualification were given a chance to represent themselves at the interview. In the recruitment process there was no discrimination base on race, gender, or even physical challenges. Successful candidate are supposed to sign a contract form to legalize the intention. In this form, a candidate sign to agree with the terms offered by the company.

Labor being one of the production factors, it is taken as one of the most sensitive ingredient by the corporate bodies. (Rose:2008). This is so because for a company to perform well in this competitive environment of many prayers in a single industry, one needs to hire reliable and effective workers to meet the demands. Though we have variety of skilled labor in the job market, it calls for proper strategy to spot on the right skills you need. 

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