Swot Analysis

 “Swot analysis is a strategic planning method used to evaluate the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats involved in a project”. It involves directly specifying the objectives of the proposed project and exhaustive identification of the factors that have positive and negative effects that will affect the achievement of the set objectives. Strengths are the characteristics of the project that make it better than others, while weaknesses are factors that put the project at a disadvantage in comparison with others. Opportunities are the external chances to improve the environment, while threats are the external elements that can interfere with a project.

Opinion survey is the process of collecting public opinions from a particular group of people about something. Opinion surveys are usually carefully designed to represent the opinions of a general population by conducting a predetermined series of questions and then extrapolating generalities in the survey. Confidentiality is important in the process.

Mighty Male Mentoring Program is an institution-based monitoring program carried out in Fayetteville Technical Community College. The main aim of the program is to instill the life skills that the young people in the institution can adopt and better their lives academically, socially, economically, and spiritually. Self-awareness and morality are also crucial.

For such a program to run successfully and for all the goals and objective of the program to be achieved, a swot analysis of the project must be done. This will provide a basis through which the progress of all the stakeholders of the project. The stakeholders include current students, future students, military students, distance learners, employees at Fayetteville Technical Community College, mentors, and sponsors.

The analysis is crucial for the following reasons. First, the very important factor to consider while facilitating development and organizational change is Swot analysis. It will allow the program to concentrate and focus on the immediate needs and leverage its strengths maximally. The survey will essentially inform the organization on the necessary actions to be taken that will solve any upcoming problems in the operations of the program.

 The survey will provide the mentorship program management with crucial feedback, whether positive or negative, on the progress and notify if the people who receive services from the program are not satisfied. The survey will also give the base of detecting the impact in current programs, policies, and procedures to the society and if they are still in line with their mission and vision statements. “The purpose of this document is to provide a guide to assist those who are conducting an employee swot analysis”

The opinion survey, which will involve a detailed survey analysis, will enable the project to stay on course, maintain its purpose, and keep their eyes on the vision. “Where there is no vision, the people perish”.The vision is inspired by the drive to make lives of other people better, hence the opinion survey is truly necessary to continue keeping track. “True vision is imparted by God to His chosen people”

The survey process will involve certain guidelines and parameters for it to be successful. First, the needs analysis should be conducted. This will address the question of why the survey is necessary. Next, the creation of the swot analysis design. The design will incorporate the methods of conducting the swot analysis. This is the point where the coordinators of the swot analysis will decide whether they are going to use questionnaires, direct interviews, the Internet, or any other means to collect the required information. The swot analysis will give a chance of direct interaction with the society that the Mighty Male Mentoring program is serving.

“Our vision shapes us our vision controls, our vision determines who and what we become, and vision shapes our leadership”.This is the exact reason why the swot analysis should be conducted. The stakeholders in the project have a responsibility to make it work, and as such, they have to give their feedback on the project. “We may be innovative with the style of ministry, but must never alter the substance of it.”  The ability of the mission to stick to its core purpose gives the survey life and the regular swot analysis.

Strategic planning will also go a long way in ensuring the implementation of the strategy by helping carry out the survey analysis for the program. It will answer the critical for success of the program issues, like “Who are we? Why do we do what we do? How are we going to accomplish our mission?” The answers to these questions tell us how the survey analysis will be able to help the Mighty Male Mentoring Program know where they stand in terms of service delivery and evaluation.

The swot analysis is therefore critical in the existence of the program as it will define the past, show progress, and draw a map guide towards the future of the Mighty Male Mentoring Program.

Carrying out a survey analysis is essential to carrying out of the vision of Mighty Mentoring Program, but it should go beyond the analysis of the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats facing the organization. To run a successful organization effectively, one should know everything about what the organization is about. What they are about, what is the vision and mission of the organization are, who the stake holders of the organization are, whether or not the stakeholder are happy with how the performance of organization and if the organization is still on track in achieving its goals and objectives.

The strategic planning will ensure more than just strategic planning. The program leaders should know what it takes to empower these young people. “How are we going to accomplish our mission?”

Succession planning is one of the major ways through which the success of an organization can be determined by the leaders. From their experience, the leaders should be able to determine the right path of The Mighty Male Mentoring Program. This is through the follow-up of the survey analysis and the implementation of the results of the survey analysis. Succession planning involves identifying the critical roles required to run a successful organization and the core skills needed in the association with those roles.

The next step is identifying all possible internal and external candidates to take over the responsibilities when the incumbents are no longer with the organization. This will go a long way in identifying the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats associated with the organization in terms of personnel.

Looking at the history of the Mighty Male Mentoring Program, the leaders have also been able to determine the strengths and weaknesses of the organization they are running. The success of the organization will depend on its vision. “Vision is foresight with insight based on hindsight.”Holding on to the vision is then far more valuable, as it will allow one to know their strengths and weaknesses based on the decisions made. Our vision shapes and controls us.

Our vision determines who and what we become....vision shape our leadership.” Through this strategy, the Mighty Male Mentoring Program will go beyond the survey analysis. It will make the necessary changes depending on their strengths and weaknesses to foster a successful mentorship program that will actually transform lives. “Vision launches us into purpose. It gives us the ability to focus on God’s intent for our lives, as well as allowing us to say no to opportunities.”

The organization should look at what needs to be improved to make the stakeholders of the organization happy and satisfied with the services they offer. The stakeholders that are the mentors, mentees, and the individuals responsible for running of the program should ensure the goals will have been achieved within a certain stipulated time frame.

This will direct the purpose behind everything that is going on in the organization. “This church exists to benefit the residents of Saddleback Valley by providing for their spiritual, physical, emotional, intellectual, and social needs.”[5] The ability to persist with your vision increases the chances of success and thus the realization of strengths and weaknesses.

The mission of the Mighty Male Mentoring Program is to instill the moral values and life skills necessary for the betterment of the life in the young men at Fayetteville Technical Community College. These skills are for all sectors of their life: academic, social, and spiritual. The mentees are to attain a certain level of training, self-realization, and self-esteem, and be able to transform that to helping other people in the society to achieve their dreams and goals. Careful planning and implementation of all the relevant programs will be necessary.

There should also be certain values that the stakeholders uphold. Core values drive the organization's culture goals, which is the most influential factor that determines how to make decisions in accordance with the expectations of the group. These core values should be shared among individuals in the programs, both the mentors and mentees. After promoting such a culture in the group, the strengths and weakness of Mighty Male Mentoring Program can be implemented by the individuals associated with it and solved as soon as possible using the skill set that they have been trained.

Using the Internet would be another way to be able to get ahead of the survey analysis. People’s opinions about the Mighty Male Mentoring Program will help identify the strengths and weaknesses of the program and thus resolve them quickly and easily. The Internet provides an extremely wide platform through which people can express their honest opinions privately. The Internet also provides for distant and online students, whose participation is crucial to the running of the organization. The more variety of students, the more opinions and analysis of the program, thus better evaluation of the organization.

Through the process of strategic planning, the outline of the whole project is put in place. The strategy shows where the organization is in the current situation and its future. This picture shows, the strengths and weaknesses of the organization can be determined when the management will know what it takes to achieve the set goals and to have what they lack.

External audits will come in handy during the evaluation of the Mighty Male Mentoring Program. Individuals who are not in any way connected with the program can be consulted to give their opinion and evaluation. This unbiased opinion will then be used to determine the strengths and weaknesses of the program.

Lastly, the frequency of the evaluation will also help determine the strengths and weaknesses of the Mighty Male Mentoring Program. Quarterly evaluation of the progress of the program by evaluating the responses of all the stakeholders would be of the pivotal role. The more frequent the assessment is, the easier it is for the organization to know if they are still on the right track to success.

“The Frequency of Evaluation”, as all the above measures, determines the organization’s strengths and weaknesses as a whole. The greatest determinant of the success of the Mighty Male Mentoring Program will depend on the individuals in the organization. If the individuals participating in the program are weak and ineffective, the program will fail. The recruitment and admission of the participants should be carefully structured to select the best of the best.

The survey analysis survey might be biased or conducted in a way that would not represent the real situation on the ground. However, going further than the survey analysis would be of substantial help in determining the strengths and weaknesses of the program.

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