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Telecom sector being one of the most highly competitive sectors today, It has shown a related development trend in USA, UK, Pakistan, India or Japan and also in the developing countries like Korea. A simple analysis of one company can give a clear picture of this trend. For example, China Telecom on its own had 214 million fixed line telephone subscribers, 35.44 million mobile subscribers, and 47.18 million broadband customers at the end of 2008 (Pedro, 2008). The international telecom market is expected to grow at an annual rate of 11 percent by the end of 2010. The total amount of revenue generated by this industry is equivalent to 3 percent of the world’s gross product. Statistical report shows that improvement in telecommunication has raised internet is accessibility to over 16.9 in the last three years.

In china, telecommunication business grew by more than 20 percent between 1997 and 2002 with the fixed and mobile operator investing close to $25 billion in network infrastructure. Currently, the sector is registering 1.25 million mobile subscribers per week which suggests if the trend continues there will be about 950 million subscribers in the next five years. (Pedro, 2008) With this growth rate, there are strengths and potential threats that can affect the good performance of the industry. It is therefore crucial for each company to evaluate its performance in order to offer better services.  

 Aims and Objectives:

The main function of this paper is to investigate the service and its quality as offered by Nawras, an Omani Qatari telecom company. It also intends to point out the importance of the quality call center services.

Since the Nawras inception in 2005, it has distinguished itself from other telecommunication providers by developing strategies that majorly focuses on the needs of the customers (Nawras, 2010). Measurement of performance is very vital as it helps companies in addressing deficits in the performance of their services which affects customer’s satisfaction and in the process of budgeting. It also helps in the determining how well the telecom company is performing which in turns helps managers to formulate visions and strategies aimed at improving standards.  It helps managers in monitoring their subordinates which helps to in determining employees behaviors (Neely, 2002).

Basically, when analyzing performance measurement, companies concentrate on the growth rate, churn rate (customers who leave), average revenue, profit margin per user, and the cost of gaining a new customer. Performance appraisal practices have been known to have an influence on the performance and profitability of the company.  Performance measurement is faced with a number of multifaceted and complex factors which leads to getting of unclear outcomes. Infrastructure development and reduction of call charges in order to counteract competition causes a reduction in profits. Also, retention of consumer loyalty and provision of quality services is a challenge due to the increasing number of subscribers. These are the key factors that this paper will try to analyze and explain how they are applied by Nawras Telecom Company.  

Company Brief

Nawras claims to have a customer friendly approach in the provision of services with customer care being their top priority and serving to about 92 percent of population. It also claims to be the first provider of internet mobile services based on EDGE technology. It was launched by The Omani Qatari Telecommunications Company SAOC in 2005 as the second mobile operator in Sultanate of Oman; it was established in 2004 and got the GSM license in the same year. It is a joint venture with the majority shares being held by Qtel (Qatar Telecommunications), one of the largest public companies in the country, and TDC, a company with telecommunication operations in 12 European countries and about 15 million customers, together with many leading Omani partners, providing information critical for company’s operations and success (Nawras, 2010). End of March 2010 Nawras had reportedly 1.94 million subscribers, up to 22 percent year-on year. This represents about 48.5 percent of market share from estimated total market of about 4 million subscribers. Today to describe in the words of CEO Nawras, Ross Cormack, the company has reached a point that it is one of the main competitor in business and corporate market (comm...Ae, 2010). With a large workforce of about 700 employees the company manages its services with the help of eight departments.


  • Network department 

  • Marketing

  • Customer Care.

  • Finance

  • Human Resource

  • Sales

  • IT

  • Engineering    

2.0 Services offered

Nawras Ajel:

Nawras Ajel is the post paid package that gives the customers ability to pay for their services after they use them. The company charges competitive prices for both international and national calls, tailor made solutions for businesses, and committed customer service. The billing is itemized and easily understandable. There are different packages provided within Ajel including Nawras Ajel, Nawras Ajel Duo (providing ease of having two sim-cards with consecutive mobile numbers in the same package), Nawras Ajel Twin (It helps the customers to have two sim-cards with the same number and all services are activated with all services activated on both cards), and Nawras Ajel Unlimited (gives the facility to customers to make unlimited calls against payment of a minimal amount, keeping in view the fair usage policy).

Nawras Mousbak

 Nawras Mousbak is the prepaid package from Nawras enabling customers to keep a check on the amount of spending with the ease recharging account when ever and virtually wherever required, even during international roaming. Competitive prices are offered for both calls and SMS for the facilitation of customers with the convenience of international prepaid roaming. With a minimal payment, internet service is provided to the customers even with the limitations of prepaid.

Nawras Blackberry

Services and connection of Nawras compliment blackberry services very well with the typical black berry services and security. The company has designed exclusive package for this purpose only which they claim highly suit both genres i.e. personal and business. In case of any problem customer friendly help line with personnel to resolve are available throughout the year 24 hours a day to resolve any complaints regarding blackberry services. It also offers services not only within the sultanate of Oman but also wide international roaming facilities. Nawras Blackberry supports emails from leading enterprise platform and a range of applications. It is compatible with all the smart phones to give the customers a choice from the blackberry products available in the market.

Nawras 3G+

Nawras 3G+ provide facilities for a number of products and services including the latest available in the market. It is a complete package of solutions that, as the company claims, brings people closer and helps connecting people. Listed are the services provided through Nawras 3G+ Nawras Broadband Internet

Nawras Broadband Internet is easy to use internet service that is instantly available for users without any physical boundaries within the Sultanate of Oman. It provides all the internet services including surfing, chatting, E-mailing and what not you name it!

Nawras Mobile Info Browsing

 Nawras Mobile Info Browsing enables customers to check e-mails and surf internet on the go with the help of their cellular phones at a high speed

Nawras Video Calling and monitoring

Nawras Video Calling from Nawras 3G+ gives customers the opportunity to make use of video calling technology with two way video calling on their cellular phones.  Nawras 3G+ provides video monitoring tremendously useful for business monitoring, personal surveillance as well as visual updates.

Nawras Business Solutions

It enables businesses to choose specific components from range of services which suits the business needs of customers. It hence facilitating in businesses to operate efficiently and experience corporate mobility. Nawras provides both mobile and fixed services specifically designed for business users (Nawras e-newsletter, 2010).  Fixed services provide high quality fixed voice with fax services and great fixed internet services. Fixed services are suitable to the needs of all organizations be it small or large. Its data service provides tailored packages for site to site connectivity within Oman. Whereas, mobile services are the regular services offered.

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