Textile Change Management

The textile management is dealing with an expert manufacturing business that is anxious about the management services of clothing and fashion apparel. The textile production is highly connected with the marketing of the high fashion and design trends. The major goal of the textile companies all over the world is to offer professional services by means of creating high-skilled personnel, managing knowledge and finally generating more profit for the business needs. The idea is to be the best in the textile fashion and apparel industry (Anderson 2007)

The project offers the analyses of global trends in the fashion industry as well as the most contemporary trading experience with the emphasis on production of textiles and clothing.  The success of the textile sector depends mostly on the companies’ perception of competition, communication and client servicing. This project presents the concept of fast response, customer loyalty and selling effectiveness that could be reached with the help of proper training that will challenge the business processes and overcome possible problems in the future (Maddison 2001).

This project requires Globus to improve the major skills in doing business such as leadership and communication, teamwork and management, innovative problem-solving, critical thinking and risk analysis, sales and marketing, design and multi-media technologies, and finally personal and professional development of people within the fashion sector (Carbonaro and Votava 2008).

The project is divided into different sections and addresses the problem areas and their solutions in regards to communication methodologies, management practice, multifunctional personnel training, strategic planning and implementation systems, marketing schemes, retailing improvement, and finally brand awareness related to the industry of fashion clothing and textiles. The purpose is to improve the textile marketing management dedicated to the apparel design and textile manufacturing. This is a complex business analysis that requires advanced knowledge in terms of the marketing strategies, pricing and distribution channels and fashion trends. The core of the project is to understand the customers’ needs and offer the best services and products that will generate smart purchasing and maximize profits (Morin 1999).

To conclude, in the sphere of fashion it is important to understand the needs of the customer. By using a combination of the elements covered in the project proposal it is possible to analyze the current demand trends and improve the global supply chain of the fashion apparel. The detailed examination of the major spheres of the textile sector will help Globus to see the problems from different angles. It will also cover the most important areas that will help improve the issues with merchandizing of the fashion apparel. Thus, every part of the project will cover the areas of textile and apparel management, leadership and management practice, global supply chain, risk management, both profitability and sustainability, creative approach and innovation technologies (Sollow 2007).

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