The Career Management

Workshop summary

“It is wisdom to know others. It is enlightenment to know one's self”, Lao-Tzu. People learn throughout their lifetime by means of evaluating the information, understanding the mistakes and making the right decisions. So, all of the findings since when people were born till their end days reflect the ability to think critically about different situations in life as well as to respond accordingly in the most effective way. The meaning of a workshop is hard to realize, as there are as many workshops as there are areas of life and work spheres. If to summarize, the primary focus of every workshop would go to the key points of the task a person is willing to do. In other words, the essence of the workshop could be a combination of every resource that was used in order to come to the best possible result in either life or business (Personal development, 2012).

Practical Application

Most people are afraid of what they could have in life and that prevent  them from moving forward, their improvement. Many people do not have a faith in oneself and the reason of it is failure that had took place a long time ago. It is impossible to change the present but it still has an immense influence on people making them stop developing their skills and talents in search for a better life, a perspective career and a challenging future. During the workshop, a person or a group of people could learn new skills and obtain any information that relates to their personal or professional qualities. In the real world scenario, such an approach represents a combination of three aspects: skills and knowledge, way of thinking and finally the environment in which people live (Hill, 2009).


Everything matters! Leadership role is the core quality of every manager within any organization or a company. It has a direct impact on the employees and a project you lead with the philosophy to gently assess all the sources available for both the authorities and subordinates for the life project. In case of a successful choice of model leadership, a manager, could, generate new leaders for the public, so that the one will become a valid asset for any organization. Every piece of information in the workshop helps to address the core of any business sphere including tackling the life problems. If there is a need of new forward-thinkers the manager should know the way to keep them goal-oriented.. This means that one needs to develop personal skills every single moment. The people are drastically different, some could be smarter and others are more ambitious but the overall idea is to guide them accurately and to stimulate self-development during the workshop in all the meanings of this word. Such an approach will help enhance both personal and professional characteristics of a leader and will empower the person to help others achieve success in business and life (Business balls, 2011).

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