A prosperous manager must have the ability to use all available means and resources to accomplish a predetermined objective. In order to achieve this concept, a manager should effectively perform four main functions. These are, planning, organizing, leading and controlling.

Planning is the first and most basic component of management. It involves setting the organization’s ultimate goals and developing the necessary strategies to achieve them. Planning is a constant process with different plans being made for different functions in an organization. Proper planning at all levels in an organization’s management ensures efficient realization of set goals.

Organizing refers to the process of defining previous well planned goals into an integrated system, establishing commands in coordinating the work and assigning it to the employees. To assemble these factors together, however, a structural framework is needed. The manager must, therefore, prioritize the steps in the plan and distinguish subsequent throughout the constructed structure. Inefficient organization results to chaos in the organization.

Leading, on the other hand, means inspiring and influencing the employees to accomplish the set target. A good manager should be an idol model, conflict solver, organized and calm, respectable and powerful at the same time. One method of leading workers is through empowerment. This refers to allowing reliable employees to make managerial resolutions for the common good of the organization with the manager’s support. Improving employee motivation consequently improves the employee’s job performance too.

The processes of coordinating resources and procedures to achieve the present objective in an effective way are called controlling. The manager does this through constant monitoring and evaluation of structures outlaid and employee performance. The performance is measured against objectives and guidelines set previously. Controlling enables the manager to identify possible failures and implement corrective measures.

These four managerial functions are vital for the success of any organization in all fields, be it a restaurant, a factory, a mall or even at home.

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