The Most Trustworthy Companies in America

StarTek, as a business outsourcing company, began its specialization from product packaging. Starting from packing of Microsoft products, this company expanded and started providing customer support for the products. Currently the company mainly focuses on customer consulting, support in sales and sales operations, processing of orders and their distribution, accounts receivable management, technical support and all the applicable industry-specific processes (StarTek, Inc., n.d.). StarTek, Inc., as one of the leading worldwide providers and suppliers, is an outsourcing company that has 9,000 employees. This company cares about its customers and is expanding the business for over 25 years. The target of a company is to reduce a possibility of other brands and companies to fight for their clients and to heighten their prices (StarTek, Inc., n.d.).

StarTek’s mission is to provide project management to its clients and customers on a large scale by order processing. “This service includes order management and technical sales support for high-end communications services, such as wire-line, wireless, data and customer premise equipment” (Reuters, n.d.). StarTek is one of the most reliable companies according to Forbes statistics. This company scored 98 out of 100 in 2010 on AGR Score, an indicator of “trustworthy companies”, and is thought to take its shareholders seriously (Barth, 2010).

StarTek’s earnings are based on the service of providing AT&T costs. They also provide different services for it. AT&T uses this company to lessen costs connected with wireless operations. AT&T has bought StarTek, an outsourcing company that made a profit on customer care. One of the most successful agreements were made with AT&T Wireless Services, Inc.. In 2004, this service was purchased by another company (SBC Communications). From that time, StarTek started to work with the renewed company (MacDonald, 2005).

To sum up, StarTek is an outsourcing company that is contracting out business processes. It makes profit while spreading money on AT&T and providing different services.

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