The New World of E-Everything


The New World of e-Everything influences significantly many business transactions currently. There are four main drivers of this new world, which include people drivers, technology drivers, business drivers, and process drivers. The stakeholders form one main factor that influences the success or failure of the new world of e-Everything.

This paper explores the drivers and factors that influence the success or failure of the new world of e-Everything.

People form one of the drivers of e-Everything. Currently, people have resorted to use the e-world because of the ease it has provided in business and other transactions. Friedman (2007) points out that the fact that people have embraced the e-world has given credence to e-Everything. Business is another driver for e-Everything as it reflects a common interest of all people involved. Thus, since many people have an interest in business and e-commerce makes the process easy, business acts as a driver of e-Everything. Thirdly, technology acts as a driver of e-Everything because of the inherent economic tradeoff. Using the internet is cheaper and saves time for making business transactions. Lastly, the process that e-Everything entails contributes significantly as a driver (Wesson, 2007, p. 132). The fact that e-world allows for an organized handling of transactions makes it adorable to many users, which explains its contribution to the e-Everything.

Firstly, the success or failure of e-Everything interactions depends significantly on the stakeholders. Research asserts that in areas such as e learning the stakeholders will be inclined to embrace the technology on the basis that it does not threaten their careers or profession. Secondly, Friedman (2007) points out that the implementers also contribute significantly to its triumph or malfunction depending on how they resort to manage the change process.

In conclusion, four main drivers of e-Everything have been identified, and they include people, business, technology, and the process drivers. These contribute in one way or the other to facilitate the New World of e-Everything. Two main factors that influence the success or failure of e-Everything include the stakeholders and those implementing the technology.

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