The Racialization of Space

In the United States, people of different races are relegated to different physical locations by factors such as housing, schooling, policing, zoning laws and other factors. This has enabled the whites to have an upper hand in matters pertaining to home ownership and owning of valuable property that has a likelihood of appreciating in the future. These benefits of past and present discrimination are passed on to the future generations, ensuring that there is continuity in the prosperity of the whites and to the detriment of Blacks. This discrimination which has a long historical origin encourages the well off communities to hoard basic amenities and exclude undesirable communities from owning possessions.

According to (George 13) the spatial imagery that exists between the blacks and the whites serves as a platform for skewed opportunities and chances along racial lines in the United States. For example, on the issue of housing, the white community usually enjoy high end communities that are gated and properly planned and with potential of increasing in value. On the other hand the blacks are relegated to the ghettos, where they turn segregation into congregation. They are placed in areas that do not hold a bright promise of a better future in terms of appreciation of value of their housing and other property and availability of basic comforts.

Racial discrimination, nepotism, police brutality, environmental degradation were the major causes of violence in the colonial era .Apartheid played a discriminative role because  people were judged by the color of their skin and not the prospect of their capability. Colonial states were in control of power, and the major architects on the control of the entire universal dominance. This was mostly in the form of slavery where the colored communities were viewed as less of human beings than their white counterparts’ .Discrimination still reigns today in the real world through places like job places, in the health sector, political platforms and even social and cultural practices.

curbing  of  these  discriminatory societal evils arose, as new intervention of different professionals   realized  the sense of a better living, health improvement with better facilities, better living environments,  Medicare  ,eradicating  environmental hazards ,better education and through independence of a democratic society. Racism affects the way people live and where they live compromising both the social and cultural practices of the time. It leads to the rise of effective governance to collaborate with different   races, through coming up with strong ideologies on specific lands of habitation. Being in a position to solve the plights, there is a need to study history to help in present day solutions. For example, professionals dealing in environmental strategic planning should come up with ways of improving the living standards. The geographical representation of a population is one rising issue to be looked at, as it describes the territorial boundaries that segregates a people by color and not by positive ideologies to demographically  represent  people’s interests ,impartially without favor or fear.

Hostility at the arms of the government  “ the police” tend  to increase the idea of racism as the authority  is seen to favor one race ,dividing the white and black in physical mishandling, bordering on  thorough brutality. The executive tries to host its powers discriminatively against the less considered privileged, to hold positions of power. This exercise by this arm, condemn other people’s rights and freedom s   leading to  those discriminated upon  to  hold hostile grounds of in expression of ideologies   leading  to a  fundamental loss of societal   growth in the global economy and strong civilization. This is a fact which is most demoralizing of the human race on earth. Often hostility creates migrations as peace of mind is the sole means of development   in any environment across the globe .In a society where hostility thrives, the business of geographical area is affected and this inhibits the global economy. Hostility also defines the way the black race is labored in the white location, the lack of rewards and motivation and this tends to degrade the morale boost of the different race.

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