The Wal-Mart Organization Analysis

Training at Wal-mart is essential and the company has adopted several methods of training its employees. Leadership out In Front program is a method of training offered to the employees at the Wal-Mart company. This is a training program aimed at teaching field associates of the company on how to manage and utilize their portfolios effectively so as to avoid wastages. This training program affects the marketing, store, assistant and co-managers (Green, 2001).

The advantages of this method of training include: the program will continuously prepare the employees to improve on services it offers to the customers to the company.  The method is advantageous especially to the managers who are the leaders because they will gain skills; hence they will become efficient leaders. It will help them to assess and evaluate the quality and general performance of the subordinate with ease. This method gives the managers a competitive edge over the others; hence making the higher positions to be lucrative (Marquez, 2005).

There are a few disadvantages associated with this method. These include: This method of training do not apply to all employees of the organization; and this may be seen by other employees as favorism to the managers only to enhance their skills and competencies as the majority of the employees have nothing to show as additional skills and competencies in their curriculum vitae. This method will lock out the subordinate from being promoted and salary increase due to lack of continuous training as the managers (Green, 2001).

Orientation is a training program conducted at Wal-Mart to all new employees. They are taken through a thorough recruitment process where they are taught about their new job, roles and responsibilities. This method is important because it provides an opportunity to all new employees to know about the structure and culture of the organization within a short period of time. All employees will be taught on the environment that will make them do their best at work place (Sullivan & Zaino, 2005). Employees will also be taught on how to stay within the organization for long because of its benefits such as promotion and salary increment. Wal-Mart orientation program take two weeks as the new employees get to know the culture of the organization and how to treat the customers with respect and dignity. This type of training is very important because it touches on all areas, stakeholders and comprehensive in nature (Marquez, 2005).

One disadvantage of this training is that, the new employees may not get to understand everything about the organization within that short period of time. This is because they may have not familiarized themselves about the reality in the organization (Green, 2001).

Another training program used by Wal-Mart is known as the Stores of learning training program. It was started in 2007 where the company set virtual classrooms in a few chosen stores. In these virtual classrooms, employees are trained on the most effective and efficient methods of service delivery (Sullivan & Zaino, 2005).

The advantage of this training is that the employees will develop their careers because they will get time to assess and evaluate their skills, competences and achievement. The employee’s competencies and achievements can be tracked with ease. Employee assessment is accurate due to the evaluation process which provides clear guidelines and procedures (Sullivan & Zaino, 2005). This means that, it is easier to detect errors incase evaluation and assessment was done poorly.

This method of training has some disadvantages in that, the evaluation process can be manipulated to suit ones needs. Identifying employee needs can be quite difficult, costly and time consuming (Green, 2001).

The method of delivery of these training methods is through a consultative or discussion session where the trainers train them in a set same as the classroom. Qualified trainers are involved to deliver the required content to the employees because they are competent, effective and qualified (Marquez, 2005). This is a delivery method where the trainees can ask questions for clarification.

The best method of training to the company is the orientation training program. This is because, all employees must undergo this orientation process whether subordinate, supervisors or the managers. This training is comprehensive than the other training methods which deal with specific themes and are specific to certain groups of employees; for instance subordinate or the management only (Sullivan & Zaino, 2005).

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