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International Business

The kind of course I should take must be a course related to my interests and more so,  it should be the one that I can handle with ease and passion. Today, there is a number of courses which are pursued by students, but at the end it takes them too long to land a job or be employed by either a private firm or by the government. Basically, I would prefer a career that is marketable and easy to pursue. In addition the career should correlate with my personal interests. However, the career should equip me with relevant knowledge which I can effectively apply in the outside world either as an employee in the government, business sector or as a self employed person. International Business is a new course and I have not taken any other course related to it before, thus it is my pleasure to pursue it to the fullest. Just like any other student, my core intention is to pass my exams and be of meaningful purpose to the society. On the other hand, the courses being offered under the faculty of International Business are meaningful and informative as far as business is concerned.

Generally, for any student to enroll and pursue International Business course he or she must have passed high school final examinations and successfully attained the required qualifications for entrance in any college or university that offers a bachelor’s degree in the related field. As other course requirements for graduation in business and other related fields, it has been standardized that a student should have at least 124-128 credits from a recognized college in a particular program of study so that he or she can be given a go ahead to graduate from the institution of learning. However, these requirements are specifically applicable to students who are meant to pursue a two semester program. On the other hand it is always different for students who pursue their degrees in universities or colleges which offer their degree after a total number of three to four semesters. In most universities a degree program is usually intended to take duration of at least four years of study as per the prescription of the university and if the student pursuing the degree does not necessarily require a coursework. In each semester the minimum requirement for a full time student is 12 credits, and anything less is not acceptable. However, an estimated 15 to 18 credits load for full time students is usually recommended for the entire four years of pursuing the degree. In addition, students who take part in other activities or work are not allowed to participate in full time course thus they require more time to complete their degree.

Maximum support is given to students pursuing degrees in International Business. This support is provided to students in different forms through different departments and associations. Students are given advice and knowledge on how to improve on their areas of study. There are student associations which are formed with the main intention of unifying both local and international students both academically and socially. The governing body also works tirelessly to ensure that the university is in good relationship with all the faculties, students and other partner universities or higher learning institutions. Students pursing degrees in International Business are very active both in their academic fields and co-curricular activities; this is evident on their daily updates on their websites. The faculty ensures that all the students take part in internship in different fields as a way of preparing them to face particular jobs, these fields usually range from Banks, foreign representatives of government, consultant companies or firms to non-governmental organizations (NGO). This program is very strong as compared to the one of Washington State University. There are a number of advantages involved in choosing this major: students are equipped with good skills of handling challenges in business and are conversant with global economy.

The professor has to ensure that all the enrolled students are able to sit for their final examinations and to receive their degrees which play a very positive role in the growth of the nation’s economy. Several students, whom I have interacted with, believe that their entire learning process in this field is very engaging and rational.  After reading through the entire system of International Business, it has come to my realization that indeed it is a very good career to pursue.

Hospitality business management

Generally I have not been in a position of pursuing this course or any other related course to this. Therefore, I am looking forward to deeply venture into what it entails for a student to pursue such a career. The initial and vital requirement for any student pursuing this course is to receive a secondary school education. Hospitality Business Management mainly has its focus on operations related to management in the field of hospitality, food beverage, lodging, and tourism. Students who pursue this course attend theoretical lessons and are taught how to apply skills in teamwork strategies, interpersonal skills and aptitude in leadership. The total number of credits needed for a full time student to graduate varies with the duration taken to pursue the course.  Basically, students, who take four years to pursue their degree, must have an estimation of 120 credits for the undergraduate student in this catalog. However, this can include general credits which are normally considered as elective. On the other hand a student must have completed hospitality business 489 as a requirement for a hospitality business major. Basing on the requirements, it is quite difficult and a bit challenging to students who do not like mathematical calculations. This course has a section of Mathematics referred to as 103, which must be fully completed by the student before graduation.

Students taking this course, enjoy privileges and support from the management staff and the entire university in general. The institution is unified with other international higher learning institutions thus students can interact with other students from other countries and learning institutions thus allowing students to have a broader understanding of global economy. The university also has put in place measures to ensure that students are advised appropriately with accordance to what is expected of them after their graduation in their related field of study. The university also operates closely with the government in ensuring that the financial needs of the students are catered for. The undergraduate students are given the opportunity by the relevant faculties in the university to carry out their research in different fields related to their study. This can be in the tourism sector, hospitality fields and other NGOs. Students, pursuing this course, lead an active life; this is evident on their daily update on their websites.

As compared to what is offered at WSU, this program has more strength and students who successfully graduate from this university are very marketable, able to work under any conditions and very competitive when it comes to working. According to other students who have pursued this course, it is believed to be among the most involving and engaging both in terms of academics and in other fields outside the classroom. The faculty of Hospitality Business Management has proved to be helpful to students by organizing for financial support, giving advice to students and linking students with firms for employment opportunities. The professors of this faculty are interested in helping students pursue their careers in an appropriate way after receiving their degrees.  It is evident that my perception about it has not changed and I am looking forward to pursue it.


Communication studies is a large-based discipline of study mainly concerned with how messages are exchanged within the society by different people and the impact brought by this exchange of information through communication. The main objective of this course is to develop communication skills and understand how to communicate effectively. The department is entitled with the mandate of offering a variety of courses ranging from public relations, group, interpersonal and organizational communication, mass communication to digital media. This is one of the courses that I have not yet pursued before but I have always wished to study it. Basically, this major is made up of a number of courses and all of them are interesting and worthy to be pursued.                   

The minimum requirements for an undergraduate student is a total of 120 units, but there are several general requirements for all majors in communication studies with the exceptional of digital media and mass communication which requires its students to complete at least one three-unit related to public speaking  such as COMS 104, COMS 4 or an equivalent transfer. It is also necessary for majors to fully complete each and every core course at score not less than a grade of C- and above.  The number of credits required for a student to graduate solely depends on the number of credits required in the major; they however vary between 32 and 36. This implies that every major has its own total sum of credits required for graduation but a general standard of not less than 12 credits applies to all. On the other hand a total of 20 credits must be completed by every student outside his or her major. Ideally, not more than 36 credits will be needed during graduation. Many graduates of this faculty will eventually land jobs as editors, media buyers, policy analysts, staff writers, website administrators and technical writers.

The faculty of communication offers several forms of support to students pursuing the course. There are strategies which usually enable students to develop their communication skills that allow them to communicate effectively. Students are also provided with advice on how to handle different forms of business and the faculty also provides financial aids to students to help them purse their career without any financial problems. This has resulted into good relationship between the students and their professors. Students who pursue this major are among the most active students when it comes to working online and applying the knowledge they had already gained in class and this is clearly evident on their websites. The faculty allows undergraduate students to carry out research and take part in internships in different fields related to public relations, staff writing, technical writing and as marketing coordinators. This program is stronger than the one, offered at Washington State University. The main advantage of choosing this major is that it equips students with relevant skills that enable them to communicate effectively. Generally, students who successfully graduate in this major can also pursue degrees in other fields including education, law and architecture.

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