Management of a company involves a lot, and it is not just putting a management board and employing a lot of people. It is all about the approaches that a company makes with success in mind. The approaches have to involve the way the employees are managed in the company, the kinds of focus that are given to the customers, especially in the kind of feedback and opinions they give, and the manner in which the supplier for goods and services in the company is handled. Generally, management of a company has to be done in a comprehensive and wholesome way.

Dubai Development Company was founded in 1975, and it is based in Dubai, United Arabs Emirates. This company is publicly traded, and its main focus is on real estate development in the country and in the neighbors. There have not been major scandals that would put the company in a bad position in the competition, but lately, the focus of management in management of finances has been questioned by the auditors. However, the focus on quality management of employees, the customers and the suppliers has not been compromised. By analysis, the practice of total quality management in this company is not therefore, and that is why some important processes are not put into mind.

Total quality management is an old concept, and it is hard to have all companies applying it in the modern world. In deed, it is all about using important tenets of the concept and leaving out some components. In the present world, there have been many other components in managing companies to an extent that, total quality management is no longer fashionable, and it may not be the only thing to be used in management.

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