Trains, Planes and Automobiles

International business is the global transaction of business activities among different countries in the world. This can take place as a result of participation in importation, exportation or even both for the involved countries. The business is of advantage since it helps such countries to earn foreign exchange and even obtain whatever they lack. In order to compete effectively, different countries have, therefore, tried to modify their products by improving their qualities and coming up with favorable marketing strategies. This write up discusses an article published by Voorhees in 2012 on the U.S transportation industry and its products.

Trains, Planes and Automobiles- And so much more is an article written by Voorhees in 2012. It is a business article which elaborates on the transportation industry in America; its products, and how it conducts its business internationally. According to Voorhees, America is one of the countries which are actively involved in the international trade and is well known for its efforts in the transportation industry. He notes that this has been promoted by both the local and international demand for transport facilities; especially during summer when most of the Americans go for vacations (Voorhees, 2012).

Voorhees further identifies some of the transportation facilities manufactured by the industry as including; the ionic Detroit 3, Aerospace giant Boeing and many others. However, it is still at the verge of coming up with more facilities which include recreational boats, paddle boats and the Boeing 787 Dreamliner. Noting its effectiveness, he reports that, in 2011, the aerospace department in the U.S transportation industry raised more than 87 billion U.S dollars from the export sales. The industry still expects to grow further in terms of acquiring new markets due to the 2012 Farnborough Airshow in England where 787 Dreamliner was thoroughly marketed.

Voorhees observes that U.S also produces some of the transport facilities’ components from various places abroad where the raw materials can be obtained. He argues that this helps in ensuring timely production and marketing of the products globally. Additionally, the article reveals that the industry also devoted it’s time to study the market. As a result, it recently discovered a new market for its pleasure boats and motorcycles in China. He observes that the industry has also utilized enough dealers to capture the market allowing it to experience an increase in its sales.

Finally, he emphasized that the U.S transportation industry has been recently in the forefront in coming up with more economical manufacturing methods. These include the reduction of industrial waste and recycling of the already used material for production. To him, this will, in turn, give the products a competitive advantage over the substitutes in the international market.

In conclusion, the author has managed to demonstrate the relevance of the American transport industry in the international business and how a country can enhance its transport in the international arena.

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