The opportunity analysis of the Trap-Ease should be started from the answers of tree main questions. The first one is about the benefits of the opportunity implementation. With easy trap release the company will increase the range of customers it has, the demand of the product would be created as a result company will gain more profit and more loyal customers. However, the biggest opportunity is connected to the signing of the contract with the corporations, which would give stable profit. The effective promotion of such animals friendly traps will increase customers loyalty. Therefore, there are a lot of benefits that will be obtained with such opportunity implementation. The second question is about adverse effects that can occur during implementation. So, they can be: the increase of the interest of publicity to the company will increase company’s business activities in different sectors that company is working at. The next is that with the increase of demand some people should be hired and this is good social effect for the country. The investors may want to work with company in other projects. The last question is about the changes that can occur in the organisation because of the product launch. It is essentially, that with the increase of demand for the Trap-Ease, company will grow and will change its organisational culture, the marketing department will have another project to work that would affect marketing department and there would be also the increase of expenditures will affect organisation’s operation.

The opportunities of Trap-Easy America consist of the components:

1. The high potential market of mice trap gives opportunity to take the niche by the effective, innovative and well designed product as Trap-Ease;

2. The launch of attractive product would obtain big demand and popularity among “simple and grey” mousetraps of competitors;

3. Modern people are seeking for things, which so easy to use that even the guide should not be written and the Trap-Ease is just the same product. It is not only easy to use, however it also can be reused again;

4. The market of the mice friendly traps is not full, and there is no such unique company that offers bright and high quality traps that do not make harm to the mice and can be used several times.

The Trap-Easy America has lots of opportunities that can be taken by the effective and efficient launch of the product.

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