Walt Disney Marketing

Marketing is a very important aspect of a successful company like Walt Disney. The 4ps mean a lot to the company because they help in the achievement of the targeted brands and sales for the company. During marketing of the park and resort, all the 4ps are put into consideration so as to create the desired impression in the customers. Price is a very fundamental component of any given marketing strategy. The price of the parks and resorts has been tailored to suit majority of the customers. The price is not too high and neither is it too low. This has led to the accommodation of low income earners, the middle income earners and the high income earners. All these market segments have been catered for adequately in the price. The prices at the parks and resorts are a fundamental aspect that has been used to pull in more customers who are referred by their friends after having an experience in the facilities. Pricing of the products helps so much in selling the brands of the company.

The products make the second ā€œpā€ in the marketing mix of Walt Disney. At the parks and resort there are definitely good products that meet the demands from the customers. There is a lot that has been done in favor of the products and services at the parks and resorts. Without the services, customers would have a very difficult time in the course of their leisure and recreation in the parks and resorts. Most of the staff at the parks and resorts are well trained to handle customers of all walks of life. Their work is to ensure that the customers leave the place happier than they came. This gesture has made it possible to retain the loyal customers in the parks and resorts. Product features in general helps so much is bringing out unique brands of the company.

Promotions in Walt Disney have also contributed towards the success of the company.

The company undertakes promotions through the products. Promotion is actually intertwined with the aspect of pricing. Products such as theatrical productions have a lot of impact on a wide range of consumers. They in fact reach out to a very wide audience through the mass media.

The print media is also used for carrying out promotions especially when the company comes up with books that highlight various themes and are read by many consumers. The theme parks are also used for promotional purposes and they achieve a lot for Walt Disney. When customers visit the parks, the message is very clear and this helps to market the company. In essence the products of Walt Disney market themselves and others in a rotational phenomenon.

The last marketing ā€œpā€ for the organization concerns the aspect of place. What Disney is well situated in locations that are accessible and convenient to most of the consumers. Most of the parks have a serene environment that is suitable for most of the consumers.

The location of the parks and resorts helps to market the services that are offered by the company. Walt Disney stores are located in convenient places like urban areas in malls and in super stores. This provides an ample opportunity for shoppers to have an experience with the products. In the theme parks, the stores are strategically situated to attract the attention of vocational families that require various products as they experience their leisure activities. The strategic location of stores in accessible areas contributes significantly towards building the brand of Walt Disney parks and resorts.

In conclusion, products, pricing , promotions and the places of Walt Disney contribute a lot towards the building of its brands in the market.

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