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Operations management decisions greatly influence the performance of any organization. They are core to the success of a given firm. They determine the daily running of the organization and which steps are taken in line with achieving the sought goals and objectives.

The structural decisions items of any operations strategy have always reflected the hardware of the firm. This is so due to the fact that the decisions that are taken in line with how the organization is expected to function aid the success of the firm. The structure of an organization and decisions regarding operations thereof, always acts as the pillar of further applications. They are the path or aids towards achieving the final objective. They are the hardware of the organization as they act as the main components that support the whole firm. A good example is when a manager decides to promote a given employee to a departmental manager. This will in turn affect the operations of the organization as this new departmental manager will be forced to adapt with the new environment. The decision will also affect the morale of other employees and hence their working. On the other hand, the promotion may have been necessitated by the employee’s constant commitment and hardwork, hence working for the success of the organization and motivation of other employees.

Infrastructure decision areas or factors always represent the given firm’s software. This comes into play as the management should make sure that all operations of the organization and departments are active and comfortable.  A good example is the decision of introducing the use of laptops by every employee. This will aid in communication and also motivate the employees. The introduction of a system of self assessment within departments may help the firm grow and establish itself in the market, hence coming out as the software as without it, the firm cannot operate smoothly.

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