What a Supply Chain Is

A supply chain is defined as a system that is used to move a service or a product from the supplier to the consumer. Therefore, it involves many different criteria like the transportation of the goods and services, and this is what makes it important since there has to be a way or the others in which a business will relay its products to the people who need them. This thesis demystifies the role of the different supply chains in the business market and the way that they are utilized to form a strong supply chain. Therefore, the main role is to try solving the mystery of getting the best supply chain. There are many factors that influence the choices that are made by an individual in selecting the right supply chain. The implementation of the chain that would be selected in this business would be on a dairy plant. The paper further tries to demystify how different criteria used help to clear out a basic factor in choosing a supply chain. The issue of selecting a supply chain is a highly relevant one in the modern technological industry. When it comes to dairy farming, it is evident that the products that are dealt with are primarily perishable; therefore, the shorter the supply chain is the better. This research will be relevant in many fields, especially the scientific and business fields, as well as supporting the decision making ideas in many spheres of business that relate to supply of the goods and services. Therefore, this research will be utilized in making a normative decision in businesses across the globe. Consequently, the aim of this study is to get the best supply chain that can be utilized when it comes to decision making and in the creation of a route that is important in getting the best service delivery. The products that are to be supplied are technically ones that have a short life. Therefore, a short chain would be needed in order to create a good path to avoid the wreckage of the goods. The research tries to portray earlier researches that were carried out by different scholars on the topic matter and the relevance that it may have to the business market. The research, therefore, has its primary focus on the Ranching regions where there are numerous cattle ranches, and it tries to create an inductive theory on how the products can be supplied to the American market through the use of the best supply chain that can be generated. It is relative to note that the chain of supply is usually selected on a different basis that needs to have a relative relation to the product. Therefore, choosing a supply chain for a dairy product would mean that it is imperative to use the shortest chain possible so as to make the best out of the exiting market culture.

Numerous researches have been carried out concerning the field of supply and demand, but none of them has ever been exhaustive to the fact that there is a need of the newer technology and studies to come out with the appropriate mode that would be employed to make the research better. This thesis tries to come out with solutions on the matter of supply, the market, and the company’s ideas on how it sees the best way to deliver its goods to the market. It is a well-known fact that the way a company operates is usually in line with the needs of the customer and not of personal gains. Therefore, the market is usually a place of focus when it comes to supply and demand of the goods and services. A supply chain may be short or long, depending on the needs of the prevalent market, and, therefore, choosing the right chain is usually a point of debate that has to be elaborated on further. In the realization of the best results for this study, a Meta-analysis of other researches concerning this field is carried out to come with the best out of the study. These analyses were effective in bringing out the best out of the study in order to stabilize the question in the further research and to make the best out of the researches that have been carried out. In addition to this, there was the use of a questionnaire in the study to come out with even a strong proof of the need of a shorter chain. In management, the role of cost is usually estimated before carrying out any transaction, and, therefore, in this research, the amount that is put in a supply chain will have to be considered in order to come with the best supply chain for a perishable good. I

This thesis is a review of many aspects in my life. I believe that I have achieved a lot in the research field and through this thesis I have found a way of coming to a high peak in my life.  Science and technology have always been my favorite subjects since school, which is what have influenced my choice to study Mechanical Engineering at higher diploma level, the initial step in my educational learning. Through the completion of this diploma, other academic courses and through my vast working experience that shall be discussed within this review, I recognize the benefits of a doctoral program, and I am ambitious to develop my professional academic status through the in-depth study that a doctoral program will provide the opportunity for it.

For me, my studies have been a continuous development that has been juxtaposed to my working throughout my career. I feel that this has led me to be more aware and knowledgeable about the industry which I work in, as well as throughout the years, improving my ability to recognize opportunities that will allow me to develop even further and become better at what I do. It is for this reason that I have chosen, at different stages of my employment, to improve my skills through additional learning both at degree level as well as through other relevant courses.

I have chosen to base my Doctorate research on the subject of Supply Chain Management as this is a subject which I have a great passion for and one that I feel I now have the ability to develop at a high level, following what I have learnt over the years and seen through my experience in the field. As well as a personal pleasure, I believe that the in-depth look at the Supply Chain Process can lead me to a concluded theory that I hope to also benefit, besides my organization, others within the industry. 

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