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Investing in Fast Food Industry

People’s life style has changed and among the scarcest resource is time. For this reason, people have been looking... Details

Space Exploration as a Waste of Time and Money

One of the characteristics of being a human is that every person is always curious about the unknown, and that is what d... Details

Persuasive Speech on Volunteering

I want to start with the simple but strong statement that we need to take part of our time to assist the elderly people... Details

Leadership Assessment in an Organization

My current organization is the Military. Most of my influences come from the commander LTC Brian Ellis. He is far the gr... Details

Amazon Vs. Netflix

“The long tail model” is an influential force in this economy-- the increase of the niche. Tendency to offer... Details

Rising Sea Levels

Sea level measure refers to the surface of the ocean halfway between the low and high tide. The measurement is made by u... Details