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Water Shortage in UAE

The United Arab Emirates experiences many ecological issues, which currently include water shortage. The water resources have become more and more inadequate, especially for many people who presently do not have access to the hygienic water. The problem that the UAE is facing is unique... Details

Cultural Differences between China and the U.S.

Globalization has made several Chinese companies venture into new markets to fuel their growth. However, it is vital for companies to acknowledge the fact that cultural differences between the domestic country and foreign country would play a critical role in the ultimate success or failure of the company. Venturing into the American market would pose certain challenges to the Chinese company. Therefore, it is vital for the company to be proactive and anticipate the problems beforehand. This would help in the ... Details

Nuclear Energy

Nuclear energy is described as the usable energy that is generated from the atomic nuclei that involves controlled nuclear reaction processes. The processes are conducted under keen watch with the aid of nuclear technology. The nuclear reaction process is known as radioactivity and it involves an element known as uranium. Radioactivity entails the splitting of uranium through a process known as nuclear fission. The technology involved in the process generates steam from the split that is hot enough to turn turbines and ... Details

The Effects of War and Peace on Foreign Aid

The sustainability of economy and social sphere in the developing countries relies majorly on the foreign aid in the form of humanitarian and development aid. It plays an important role as a key to improvement of life standards and facilitating the economic development of the developing states. The mentioned kinds of foreign aid contribute to the progress of nations that is greatly affected by wars in those countries. The effective aid movement to the target population groups is hindered with the war ... Details

Google and China Case Study

The problem facing Google in its attempts to expand to China relates to balancing its financial motives and acting in... Details

How Can Green Area Conservation And Urban Development Be Balanced in The City Of Uppsala

Speedy urbanization brings about competition over land utilization between green partconservation and urban expansion in cities and significantly affects ecosystems along with human welfare. This rivalry is significant across the globe as various cities are now substituting existing green regions with novel developments. Details