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International Relations

Human rights aim at ensuring that no individual is treated unfairly due to the economic, social or cultural position but instead their views are respected and protected despite these views being different from that which is accepted by the society. Human rights are very fundamental as they protect different rights which include the right to life, education, free trail and expression. Human rights violation is economical, social or cultural. It is a worldwide problem that occurs when a country fails to uphold its policies and does not perform its obligations without any form of discrimination. Details

Prevention and Detection Techniques for Shoplifting

Shoplifting is one of the burning issues of the modern world. It is believed to be also the understudied type of crime. The term “shoplifting” means stealing from stores, and it usually has different purposes and motives. Details

The Chesapeake Bay

The Chesapeake Bay is one of the largest, most complex, and, finally, diverse ecosystems with hundreds of species of rare plants and wildlife, including fish, birds, invertebrates, and, finally, reptiles. Details

Antigone and Death of a Salesman

Living is love entails sacrifice, selflessness and unconditional consideration of the other. The play Antigone, the play Death of a Salesman and real life examples affirm that love is unconditional and selfless. In love, a person does not see the flaws and weaknesses of the other, and even when she or he does, seeks to cover them; hide them from ridicule, rebuke or the world Details