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Inmate Suicide in Jails

The high rate of prison suicides experienced in recent years could indicate an upward trend or it could merely be an ab... Details

Jake May

My name is Jake May. I dont know how old I am. Some people tell me I am in my 90's, but my birthday is the 15th of ever... Details

Literature and Ethnicity

It takes on greater significance when we consider that brutal murders in the course of robbery were a rather new phenom... Details

Research Summary

In the United States, we are faced with steadily accelerating costs for health care, high medical fees, and the exclusi... Details

The Toyota Motor Company

The Toyota Motor Company was originally the idea of Toyoda Sakichi who was initially interested in the textile industry,... Details

A Master Production Schedule

1)      The Realco Breadmaster a)      Develop a master production sch... Details