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Kaspar Wire Works, Inc. v Secretary of Labor

Kaspar Wire Works Inc. filed a petition for review of the Occupational Health and Safety Act of 1990 (29 U.S.C. §&s... Details

Case Studies for Transit Oriented Development

A good transit-oriented development is in a position of offering the desired benefits that accrue from livable societies... Details

Ebay Case Assignment

eBay is an online based business. This is one of its major characteristics as its services are done online. Emails are u... Details

Company's History and Growth

D7 Displays was established in 1990. Initially, it was an ATM provider. The company has experienced rapid growth as it c... Details

Yahoo's Bartz Shows Who is The Boss

Changing a company’s organizational structure is not an easy task. It requires proper understanding of the mission... Details

A Case of Nyandarua District

Background information Nyandarua district is one of the districts in central province of Kenya. However, this title is o... Details