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E-Commerce Zara

1.      Introduction 1.1  The Case Context Companies are increasingly shifting towards e-b... Details

World Trade Centre - Optional

1.  Why do you think the United States was attacked by terrorists on September 11, 2001? What justifications did Is... Details

Eurochem Shanghai: Corporate Policy or China Practice

The case study “Eurochem Shanghai: Corporate Policy or China Practice” is a great example of the differences... Details

Recalcitrant Director Case

If I were one of the board members, I would certainly vote for refitting of the temporary plant. The primary reason for... Details

Greenwich Music Inc.

The Greenwich Music Inc. is an organization dealing with the sale and promotions of music and artists. The main aim of t... Details

Strategies to Curb Domestic Violence in the New York

Ownership has been spelt in most of the governments’ laws. The laws clearly give light on a property which is stat... Details