18th Century Vs 21st Century


This essay  deals with the differences of people’s life in the 18th and the 21st century.

The 18th century can be characterized with its distinguished elleganse, masked balls, castles.

But the 21st century is the first century of the 3rd millennium, digital revolution and globalization. It gave a huge quantity of the benefits for people. They became cleverer, quicker, more cunning, but at the same time more malicious and envious.

18th Century Vs 21st Century

Every century is characterized with its own features. A lot of invenrions are made.  They influence differently on people’s life, some of them can improve it, others can make it worse.

Looking through the centuries we can see a lot of differenses between people’s life in the 18th and in the 21st centuries. These differences  can be  felt in all spheres of life.

Nowadays finding any information is very easy.. If you need something you can  use the television, an Internet or a number of magazines and newspapers. Also you can use electronic library or books, but it also has a lot of disadvantages.  A lot of people have to use glasses because of the bad influence of monitors on their eyes. In contrast in the 18th century the first newspapers just appeared.

When it comes to the fashion, in the 18th century ladies wore dresses that look antique enough for us now and everyone, all the girls, boys, ladies and men were caring about their appearances. Appearance was everything for people of that time. Ladies were wearing tight corsettes just to look thinner and fitter. Men used to wear wigs and fancy suits as their usual clothes. Even pyjamas were smart.

But the 21st century offers people more comfortable clothes and a great possibility to express your own style.

One more successful invention of the 21st century is a mobile phone. It  is the great means of communication. Now the phones are becoming the important part of society. They became neccessary for everyone all overthe world. Mobile phones make us able to keep in touch with our families, friends and relatives in any part of the world. Many African countries use mobile phones as a wallet (Anil, 2010).

In 18th century the  only way to communicate on distanse was writting letters. Simple phone did not exist that time. It wasn’t very comfortable but was a little mysterious and romantic, especially for young people.

Speaking about people’s comfort it is necessary to pay attention to heating. Nowadays we have no problems with this. There are many ways to warm the house, for example batteries, heaters or air conditioners. But in the 18th century people could use only fireplaces which therefore had many inconveniences. The rich put fireplaces in all major rooms, from bedrooms to parlors, because they were inefficient by modern standards. Also they needed a lot of wood which  was really expensive, too.

The 21st century is the time of the scientific revolution. Robots will do all the dangerous and dirty work for us and our daily life will become easier. Everything becomes automated. Unlike modern times, the 18th century people worked very hard without washing machines, vacuum cleaners, dishwashers, computers.

The 21st century is completely mechanized. Today everyone has a car. You can get on the other end of the world by plane. Every luggage can be transported quikly by train.

But all these conveniences cause the environmental pollution. A huge amount of gas evaporations badly pollute the water and the air. As a result we have a lot of problems with the health.

For personal transportation in the 18th century people used the horse. People and goods  were travelling by horses harnessed in wagons, coaches, and carriages. Oxen and mules pulled wagons and carts, loaded with goods and personal property from one destination to the other. The ships were small and cramped (Lambert, 2012).

In the 18th century people didn’t use mineral fertilizers and chemicals. That is why all production was non-polluting. Using them in the 21st century increased productivity in several times. It gives opportunity to provide nations with food. But chemicals stay in human’s body and harm the health.

So  comparing all these differences between centuries we can say that the 21st is more developed than the 18th, but the second is more sincere, romantic and clearer.

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