A Change in the Way You Deal with other People

Lack of communication is the major reason why people have difficulties interacting with each other. For every case of dealing with people the inability to communicate causes troubles for the people all over the world and makes bounds on the way to have a balancing life. The effect of such circumstances is a conflict, which is even worse as it is always easier to spoil the communication rather than improve the conditions that can help avoid any misunderstanding between people on the very beginning of controversy.

According to the research of Deutsch and Coleman (2000), “There are different stages of life that can lead to the fact of miscommunication between people” (p. 131). The very first reason that prevents people from adequate communication is the fact of fake expectations. In other words, different people have different approach to communication and consequently they have different expectations from the possible daily interactions. This includes understanding the meaning of the word “trust”.

In other words, this is about what makes communication work and how hard it is to daily work on your own perfecting every sphere of life and approaching it to the people, you deal with. In case this is perceived in a wrong way, the worst outcome of not understanding the basics of communication and trust values could result in numerous conflict situations on the job and in a personal life.

The effect of the improper behavior from the position of different people could cause problems while interacting with each other. If people stop communicating with each other, this causes stress to their personality and plays a vital role to create conflict situations. As Deutsch and Coleman (2000) state, “The most important factor that can correct the situation is communication - it should be sincere and from heart to heart” (p. 143).

Only in this way there will be more chances of success and people will be able to save the relationships as well as learn how to communication with each other in a correct and polite way without conflicts. What one has to remember is that miscommunication can cause problems to the interactions of people and have a negative effect on every sphere of life as a whole. If people wish to avoid it in their lives, they should start today and will never regret about it in the future.

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