A Semiotic Analysis of My Wardrobe

I had known only a few brands like Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger till my adulthood. I totally depended upon my mother and thankfully accepted her selections.  I found the choice of my mother was for old fashioned styles. I knew the semiotic signals of dress only when I had started my middle school. This led me compare my dress with others. I gradually realized the implications of symbols over the dress, which carried more complex meaning than originally conceived. These brands were signs of wealth, popularity, quality and lifestyle, which were constant over my peers. Special meanings were attached to different brands. After long discussions with my mother, I convinced her to buy the brands to fit my personality and lifestyle. I chose my brands carefully to represent my profession and liking. However, my conception changed and I was free from the peer pressure during high school days. I started analyzing to wear dresses to make everyone see me. It had also to be within my budget. I purchased different brands and became a near perfect in making right choice in a couple of years. But then there was a career change and so did change my wardrobe too. I once again started experimenting with brands. The former choice of jeans and T-shirts changed to slacks and a button downed collar shirts. I finally settled down for Haggards and Docker brand for dress shirts for their stain guard iron/wrinkle/ fade free, breathability and besides durability, right price and style. It suited me perfectly and I looked more professional and was taken seriously. Presently, I have changed to another career where dress does not matter much. This necessitated a change in wardrobe again. Now I look for dresses according to my plan about jobs in future. I shall get a recreation and tourism degree soon, which requires excellent outdoor gear, which must be versatile, and durable, as I cannot afford to buy them all at once. I, therefore, took great pains to search the web for outfitting websites and compared products taking the help of review sections also. I spoke to several outfitters in town and listened to their point of view and suggestions too. After great research, Mountain hardware, Columbia, and North Face came out as the premier brands. This has been a long process, which started from my careful analysis of the choice of dress, which influenced my persona and the group of peers I used to value. Now, I am more mature and primarily base my decisions on what is most functional for my present lifestyle as also the plan to live in future.

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