Agency Records

In researching, any issue to do with serial killers, agency records, both public and non-public come up. These include those accessible by the public via media such as the internet, through journals and/ or scholarly articles. Further classification also arises in that there are different types of records such as paper, versus electronic whereby paper records when carrying out more legal bearing on the parties involved.

They also occurs in forms such as formatted (as forms) and non-formatted government generated ones such as legislation documents and private-sector generated ones, original and compiled documents and index to information document. In view of the topic in study, records such as journals and, government generated depends on the information available to compile the sources of data. These cover real life stories and experiences regarding serial killers activities.

When undertaking content analyses for whatever records alternative, various units of analysis and, sampling put in practice depending on the data. These are such as sex, age and marital status for individuals involved, number of people and location for organizations and firms and units such as income and size for groups such as families and street gangs. Various reliability and validity issues are also likely to occur in the course of the research especially in concerns of errors and stability of the resulting information.

It is likely to have a research document that does less on meeting the set target if using credible instrumentation to monitor and, evaluate the results as the research proceeds. Addressing these issues is through pushing for quality item publications by going through the article now and, when adding more content. Having sound theoretical bases for construct measurements and ensuring accuracy on constructs used.  For example, Serial Killers-Dreams of the Great Earth Changes are a viable document for content analysis retrieved from

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