Agent Centered Restrictions

Discoveries of planets in orbits around other stars and the general upsurge of event and advancement of space agencies emphasize a lot on planetary exploration. Disadvantaged by the financial muscles and political will to maneuver and out do the Apollo program to its initial intentions.  It seems human beings have the potential and will always endure and visit more objects in the solar system.   Agent centered restrictions is to ground rules which forbid  agents from doing some things even when an objective  ranking of the states of affair would conclude that the result of doing those things are the best available (Agreyon, et al., 1986).

This therefore introduces the issue of ethics for the earth bound mainly influenced by the Christian society among others.  Nevertheless, life is bound or may be discovered in the extra terrestrial environments, this is an area less explored by the philosophers at large.  Life on other planets has traditionally been more so associated with Christian theology (Adams., 1984).   Christian theology is the fact that the universe as a whole developed through an intelligent design and at long last, there is a specific goal that needs to be achieved.  Therefore life from all the other surrounding planets can be inferred from an intelligent design.   The earth on its own was well designed to produce me and you, the system we are in encompassed by the plants and animals that adapt to the system (Bismall, 1997).  Whereas the heavenly bodies are all designed to produce their own inhabitants, it is a subject of contention whether they can support man and his natural environs.

The analytic philosophers are more hostile to the ramified metaphysical constructions of the theologians.   Scientists have discovered that serious investigations in to the possibility of life elsewhere are now a genuine empirical possibility.   The Viking probes sent to Mars in the 1970s for example had the search of life there as one of their major and specific goals (Agreyon, et al., 1986).  Meanwhile, the twentieth- century science have made the empirical search for life a serious prospect hence time has come for serious investigation of the search.

The major reason that can be advanced, human being need a comfortable environment and will always pursue higher height to explore and survive.  This can be a major improvement to the living standards of human further more nature granted man the authority to explore the for the best conditions (Adams., 1984).  Space exploration mainly done by NASA due to abilities in advanced technology and federal funding is all aimed at exploring the available human resources to improve mans living conditions. Nevertheless, this comes with massive conditions and restrictions which are not readily acceptable by the general societies as a whole.

In conclusion, space exploration will always advance this calls for general understanding that it is made for the general good and this is the best available solution to upgrade and improve mans environs and the surrounding.   The Christian theology got to be open minded and allow the advancement for the society at large.

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