Perhaps the most elaborate yet unsubstantiated source of information concerning UFOs is the creations of genius minds of the Hollywood and various artists. However one outstanding fact is that among the citizens there is still uncertainty whether occupants of the UFOs may come to the world just as normal visitors expecting us to invite them in our world and accord them hospitality and expect them to return the same favor by inviting us their world. This would eventually create diplomatic relations similar to those that U.S enjoys with other countries. The other perception is whether occupants of the UFOs would come with sinister motives such as the one to colonize our world or coerce the world into providing for them various resources that they may need. For instance the movie “Independence Day” starred by Will Smith narrates of alien invasion by a massive alien ship that “feeds” on matter in our world. The alien perception created in this movie is one of invaders who are out to consume all the matter in our world and use it as a source of energy. The aliens in the movie are more advanced technologically and it therefore becomes very difficult for the government to neutralize the attacks immediately. A similar movie by Will Smith, “Men in Black” narrates of a world where aliens and human beings coexist where there are good aliens and bad aliens and it is the responsibility of the Men in Black to apprehend the bad aliens. Most of alien movies created depict aliens as being very different physically from human beings. Hollywood however creates these movies with the aim of making money and no credibility can be given to the movies which are mostly categorized as fictional. However since art was created, it has played the role of depicting the sentiments and concerns of the society although modernist art has become more and more experimental.

UFO evidence is an internet source that claims to be the largest source of issues pertaining to UFO. According to the site a book by Robert Hastings UFO and Nukes provides evidence that there is existence of extraterrestrial life due to the existence of numerous earth like planets in the outer space. The site outlines that Dr. Steven Greer, the Director of CSETI (Center for the Study of Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence) pointed out that there is enough evidence to support the fact that alien civilizations visit the earth often and that this information can be substantiated via scope and in detail. According to the director the extensive evidence also provides proof that there are various research programmes and diplomatic initiatives by the government that are currently underway concerning the matter.

UFO evidence provides various reports of UFO citings in various parts of America. In 1969 the site records that a college student who was driving back from college saw a long streak of light emerging from the top of the windshield . The student reported that the sparks of light resembled the sparks seen when a metal is held over a grinding wheel. However this information can also not be substantiated since the only thing that was seen was sparks of light and there was not citing of a UFO. In September 1990 in Port Angeles, Washington there was citing of a silent craft that was gliding and was having white lights that seemed to be originating from four corners of what seemed to be a triangular shaped ship. There was also one light in the middle that seemed to rotate all round. This citation was by a couple who inside a hot tub in their back yard. As normal the couple first thought that it was a plane but when they noticed that it did not make any sound at all and at times seemed to be just floating and not moving. Although it was dark the couple said that quite and clear and that the object seemed to be looking for something.  Then one outstanding thing about this citing is that if at all the information given by the couple is anything to go by then indeed the object must have been strange considering that it made no sound at all and at times seemed to float without moving at all. Only a helicopter can stay afloat without moving and it makes a lot of noise that it would be difficult not to hear the sound. The shape of the object according to the couple is also strange looking given that it was rectangular in shape.

Another citing was in Port smith Virginia in 1996 where a person claimed to have seen a strange looking object that was moving very fast and then suddenly stopped over the forest as if it was looking for something. In Brewster, New York a person also reported seeing a strange triangular shaped looking object having lights on the bottom that moved very slowly and very silently. The person said that they tried to follow it via road until they arrived at a place where there was no road to drive on. Surprisingly this description is the same as one that was seen in Port Angeles, Washington where the object rectangular slow moving and had lights all round. The question that lingers in the mind of every reader is whether government is aware of these citings and what the government is doing about them. Furthermore it can be argued that why is it that the UFOs are only seen in remote areas near forests. But then it could be covert operations by the UFOs to gain as much information from our world so that when they plan to make their presence known they will have had enough information about us.

These are just some of the cases that have been reported in various places but that do not carry so much weight because the citations were by individuals and there was no third parties who would second the claims. Perhaps the most outstanding case of UFO was in 1947 when an unknown aircraft is said to have crushed in Roswell in New Mexico. However details concerning the strange aircraft was kept top secret by authorities perhaps to prevent public alarm and also to prevent other countries like the Soviet from gaining the technology before the Americans had. One independent researcher called Wilbur Smith established that the authorities had actually taken the crashed UFO and were trying very hard to study various aspects of the object. However the researcher also reported that the UFO had been kept a top secret and only a few people on a need to know basis actually knew about the existence of such an aircraft. The secrecy surrounding the object by the authorities can be explained using the concept that since the aircraft could have been having crucial information in terms of the technology used to build it and it was therefore important that the government kept it secret to prevent leakage of such information. The image above shows a common perception of Americans on issues concerning aliens and UFOs. The first perception was fear, but when it became apparent to the Americans that Alien visit was inevitable, Americans began contemplating the thought of welcoming the Aliens and perhaps signing peace treaties.

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