Amazon Vs. Netflix

“The long tail model” is an influential force in this economy-- the increase of the niche. Tendency to offer a wide choice of alternatives is changing everything, causing us to reconsider the positions of the market and how to reach them. Amazon uses this model since it has merged the playing field with its principal flowing services.  Amazon has entered the playing field with its principal flowing services in order to compete with other leaders. Subscribers have complained about higher prices of membership package announced by Netflix. There are differences between Amazon Prime and Netflix’ services.

Netflix is user friendlier compared to Amazon, since after logging in and staying online there is no limit of movies and TV shows the user may watch. As for Amazon, users can watch movies and shows using connected to the Internet computers (Mac or PC), TVs, with Blu-ray players. Therefore, as by Netflix, there is access to one's account and the user can watch what he wants if these devices are available.

In terms of price Amazon is the leader since its flow is 79 dollars annually; there are other bonuses of membership, whereas Netflix totals 96 dollars per annum. It also offers the best membership bonuses because the members get prompt access to light books. By Netflix there are no bonuses since the user has to use DVDs if he or she wants an actual DVD; there is an addition to sign up which costs 7.99 dollars monthly.

In conclusion, Netflix would be the best choice since it has offers devices and functions. It has also improved video streaming speed and, perhaps, more contracts. Amazon Prime has its remunerations too; it has added bonuses to its frequent customers. Since Netflix has been there for longer time, it is more trustworthy than Amazon. Nevertheless, Amazon Prime streaming video service should not be undervalued because it might beat Netflix in a few years, even though it is young and new.

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