Animal Research

Psychology, as the study of mind, learns about human behavior through different researches. Researching animal behavior, psychologists, with a help of numerous tests, make analogies with people and their mind. People, being not far away from animals on their psychological development are likely to make analogies. Nevertheless, nowadays there are many argues for and against such animal tests. In this paper, we will try to prove our point of view on the topic of animal research and why it should not be eliminated.

Humans mostly act like animals, and their behavior is the main topic for psychologists. Making tests on animals, they make helpful experiments, which could not be conducted with humans. The research made on animals is not just more ethical to a human, but easier too. Results of animal tests could be implemented in the human behavioral researches without any harm to a person.

On the other hand, some tests could be harmful to animals that lead to discrimination at some point and different protests for animal rights. Nevertheless, such painful tests, if they are worth such efforts, lead to important discoveries in psychology. Some researchers are inevitable and are to be applied on humans or animals. Even if it looks inhuman and cruel, scientists, on the basis of such researches, can treat humans and save other lives. If there were no experimental surgeons in the Middle Ages, who dug up the graves and learned body’s structures, there would be no notion about the whole organism. That is why, psychologists, with a help of experiments have a purpose to do them. There is no meaning of cruelty in science, only the thirst for great discoveries.

We concluded that animal research should not be eliminated. Experiments on animals and other tests lead to important conclusions that help to the better understanding of humans and their behaviors. 

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