Anonymous Hacking Group

Introduction and Summary

The paper research on the Anonymous Hacking Group reveals information about a group of people who are fighting for the information freedom and make it possible to share the hidden and any kind of private information on the web. The idea is to allow the people know about various events and actions that the government is trying to hide.

The paper also reveals the different aspects of the Anonymous Hacking Group, including the Anon plus Project, Anon plus Social Network, Education, web chat, wiki project, and Anon plus press. In addition, the project covers the development team, software solutions, feature plan, various online models and applications. The paper also addresses the achievements of the Anon+ Project as well as its goals for the future (Anon+ News, 2011).

At the same time, the research covers historical implications, connected with Google, the community promise of the Anon+ Project as well as a management team and its organization.  A special attention is given to the marketing and public relations development procedure, project governance, and other future implications (Anon Plus Website, 2011).

The paper also addresses the potential for the development of the group and their online mission, technological concepts, the Geo IP aspects, and overall server requirements. Finally, the outcome of the research offers the means for the live discussion and online chat development perspectives along with the website support for the future Anon + goals and objectives.

Anon+ Project

Anon+ is a project that was created in order to manage the free system that could be controlled by the people who own it. The core of the project was its “open source technology, including the influence of the peer-to-peer software.” Besides, in a short run, another project is going to be launched with the aim to manage the creation of “regionalized applications.” Today, the world is full of the companies that produce multiple games and online video streaming by means of communication within a group of individuals with the same interests. Such a communication includes various chatting systems and online events that allow communicating with different people online. Today, not much of the information is revealed to the public except for the numerous hacking attacks. Besides, there is almost no information on the web about the Anon plus Project with the exception of one singular site named Anon plus (Anon Plus Website).

The Anonymous Hacking Group Matters

The easiest way to understand the online concerns of the Anon+ Project is to address ways to combine the network of “router, black net, web server, social network and educational system.” The aim of the Anonymous Hacking Group is to find the group of people who are willing to reveal any hidden information and make it available to the public. Thus, Anon Plus project makes people feel freedom in terms of the information and allow them having the access to various contents online. The purpose is to do not be afraid of the government regulations while uncovering the truth to the nation. In fact, the owners of the Anonymous Hacking Group could not even define its sphere of interest for the reason that there are many different aspects of concern that are challenged to be revealed over the cobweb. The problem is that it is not easy to constantly hide from the government prosecutions. The information in the modern age means too much to the vast majority of people, especially those, who spend most of their time in the Internet.  For this reason, Anon+ project is for every single sphere of concern, which is aimed at the population, which ‘lives’ online (Anonymous, 2011).

Anon Plus Social Network

 In the today’s world, there are different meanings and understandings of the information network service. One of them is known as the cobweb, which is familiar with all the people in the world, excluding the young population. Another one is known as black net, which addresses the information usually available to the narrow range of populations. So, the Anon plus Project deals specifically with such kind of online information. By means of Anon plus Project, there are various derivatives of the project such as Anon plus Social Network, Anon plus Education, Anon plus web chat, Anon plus wiki, and Anon plus press services (Anon plus Project and Network Plans, 2011).

Anon Plus Forums

The Anon plus forums adhere to each person, who could have any information to share with them. The functionality of the project is very simple, it does not require anyone to register, people can simply add information to the forum and it will be further interpreted. In terms of security and spam issues, there are no concerns for the reason that the chat is constantly moderated and cleaned automatically in case of some information that does not meet the regulations of the forum (Anon Plus Website, 2011).

Anon Plus Education

In the world of the digital technologies, it is almost impossible to have no access to the information. Besides, there are almost no people, who do not consider their personal and professional education. For this reason, the Anon plus project has created the Anon plus education program that is aimed at people, who are curious about any information found on the Internet. In more details, the Anon plus education project addresses the important aspects of evaluation on the input information in the web. This resource provides interactions with the black net and helps people get to know the truth about any particular concern in the Internet.

Anon Plus Web Chat

In the existing web servers, there are so many website technologies that allow people to freely communicate with each other through various short messaging systems. One of the most widely used one is known as the IRC Web Client, which helps people to contact by means of the IRC servers and with no need to install any software. The Anon plus project made it possible to allow people use this IRC chat client without being necessary to upload the set-up and install it manually on the laptop computer. The only thing left to do is to add a nick name and start communicating in the network of Anon project (Anonymous, 2011).


In the sphere of Internet, there is a need to have a sufficient amount of money in order to sustain the online business. This makes even more sense if to consider that this kind of business deals with online hacking issues that are mostly of private interest. In fact, the online resources are used to make money, though in case they are intended to work with information, there is always a need in fundraising. For this reason, there is a need to cover the donation for the overall Anon Project as this is not considered to be the service of making money. Instead, this is not of a resource that strives towards support of various projects that work specifically with “servers, domain names, firewalls, IRC chat system and others.” Therefore, in order to obtain support from the position of users, there is a possibility to donate any sum of money to support the project operations and continue receive information and continue public communications online. All the sum of money goes to the requirements of the “equipment, traffic, and other alternative methods of online resources that exist today (IRC, 2011).

Anon Plus Wiki in Progress

Exactly as every sufficient company on the web, the Anon project also has a page in the worldwide Wikipedia source that is open for everyone. Such kind of tool is used in order to provide information about the project activity as well as support its users with the changes in the organization. Alternatively, this is a great source to keep the workflow clear for the customers and offer them all the detailed information about the group activities in the world of hacking, including the Anonymous Hacking Group. The wiki resource is also full of information and could be reached by anyone who wishes to find out more facts about the Anon plus project. In addition, there is a popular way to find out the answers for the most regular question by means of the FAQ section that deals mostly with the frequently asked questions about the Anonymous Hacking Group and its activities (Anonymous, 2011).

Anon Plus Press

Most channels in the web sphere have different ways to publish themselves. The Anon plus project is not an exception. The key principle of the Anon plus project is to keep its readers with the contemporary information every single day. The resource is full of articles and interesting stories about the recent hacking activity of the Anon plus project. In all, the press is all about sharing information to the public and managing in the way to provide full access to the details of the Anon plus community. The thing is to choose the news and stories and address them to the current issues in the Internet (Anon News, 2011).

Anon Plus Contacts

Whenever there is a site, there is always a way to contact the owner. For this purpose, there is a direct email that can help people reach the Anon plus group project. There is also a way to become a part of the team. In order to do so, there is a need to email with the specific details of the request and in case the owner of the email is authorized, one will be able to connect to the group project and even become a part of the team. There is also a certain way to administer the public information, such as articles or alternative web resources that share any particular information to the target readers. In case an author is willing to publish it using the source of the Anon plus project, one should provide a paraphrase article with no means of copying the material. It should be exclusive by all means as not to have any further interactions with Google. The indexation of the site as well as its traffic considers a wide range of alternatives towards the duplicated content; moreover, the same happens with the Anon plus Press content. At the same time, there is a constant support in all the ways to communicate with the target readers online (Anon Plus Articles, 2011).

Anon Plus Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

As it was mentioned previously, not all the contacts that address the core of the project actually receive their reply. For this reason, there is a thorough investigation of the most concerning questions that consider the Anon plus project. All of them are listed in the FAQ section on the main website of the Anon project. In case all the information was reviewed and still there was not answer to the interested material, there is always a way to contact the administration by means of the IRC messaging system, again after a thorough authorization.

Anon Plus Project Community

Every day there is a constant growth of the number of people who are willing to become part of the team. The very fast and the easiest way to do so is by registering on the alternative web resource called Launchpad and join the community by following the team link. Alternatively, there is always a way to get to the mailing list of subscriptions and receive daily updates over the email. In addition, there are always new ways of entering the Anon plus project community for the reason that owners are constantly searching for the new gurus of the Internet projects as well as for those, who have different skills, which could be used by the Anon project owners (Launch Pad, 2011).

Anon Plus Project Anonymous

In view of the activity of the Anon plus owners, there is always a need to manage the secure ways of hacking and at the same time managing the information over the Internet. For this reason, Anon plus uses the alternative networking services known as a mesh network. Also, there is a possibility to transmit the data using the secured channels of data distribution over the IRC chat system. The thing is to have the essential skills and information (IRC, 2011).

Anon Plus Project Growth and Development

As every interesting online project, Anon Plus is challenging for its owners, including a wide population of followers. Thus, it could be considered a great project for the future development. At the same time, the breakthrough is already there; furthermore, the Anon plus software has already been released and is widely used all over the Internet. However, there is a lot more to go with for the potential challenges of development and the owners are currently looking for the “developers, technical support, recommendation perspective and publishing services” in order to stay afloat and manage the most interesting and challenging content on the web.

Anon Plus Radio
In order to continue the project development as well as to take initiative in managing the mass media channels, the Anon plus project started a previously mentioned Launchpad Radio service that helps to support the followers with information. Currently, the Radio project welcomes every participant to address the spheres of music, government regulations, design and movie making techniques. In this way, the Anon plus is going to make another contribution to the society by means of supporting the new professionals in the spheres of communication and art (Anon Plus Radio, 2011).

Anon Plus Project Progress Continued

Every successful project in the Internet has to manage itself effectively and constantly keep the target audience clear about its operations. The Anon plus does so in a variety of ways. Thus, it always strives to improve its current operations, manage the growth and set new objectives for any further development. The ultimate planning considers the improvements in the functionality of the Anon plus system as well as the sustainability of the technologies and people, who contribute to the overall benefit of the free information sharing. In fact, the Anon plus project was intended for the countries where the government constantly evaluate the information people retrieve from the online channels of communication (Anon Plus Website, 2011).

Anon Plus Project Privacy and Security

Everyone who ever registers with the Anon plus project will always be protected from the public and no governmental authorities will be able to find out about the existence of a particular person or a group of people. Though, not everyone wants to be protected and hidden from the target audience, some people do wish to become a public figure and proudly share the information in the Internet. According to the privacy policy of the Anon plus project, there is a possibility to stay unprotected and define your contact details. Everyone can choose whether to be anonymous of not. Business is a business and people can always choose how to act with their lifetime (Naked Security, 2011).

Anon Plus Team Development

In every organization, there is a time to change the rules; the same could be addressed towards the team of Anon plus project development. There is no business in the world where people stay for the lifetime, always there are people that go away as well as join the team in a particular time perspective. The current number of people for the Anon plus project is seven, five of them take a deep control and development of the code and two of them work on the other Anon plus related issues (Anon+ News, 2011).

Anon Plus Social Networking

Publicity is the key to the information awareness, which Anon plus project uses so much in any sphere of the Internet. The key channels of the information distribution are Google, Facebook, and Twitter. All the Anon plus users know that it is possible to interact with the project team by means of sharing posts on the social networks. With this, the regular visitors have more advantages and privileges over others. Moreover, social networking allows users to communicate with each other considering different events and perspectives. The only difference is that such communication is unprotected and could easily be viewed by the government authorities (Anon Plus Twitter, 2011).

Anon Plus Future Plans

On every stage of development, there is a need to produce more outcomes for the benefit of key users. The overall purpose of the Anon plus project is to empower the current features.  The overall desire is to improve the interface for the Anon project in order to make it more convenient for usage by social networks. This way, it would be much easier and more comfortable to share information and send posts to different people. The next very keen interest is addressed towards the possibility to share different media resources such as video, imagery, and text service in order to make it more suitable for the customer (Anonymous, 2011).

One of the major concerns about the Anon project is that is always works on the improvement of the encrypting services, which is vitally important for the project activity. Such alterations will also include the chat messaging system for the whole Anon network.

Anon Plus Project and Network Plans

The overall networking design comprises “development server team, public and IRC server.” Such a structure is important for the need to manage the Anon project operations within the hacking environment. The overall structure of the team has administration services, java programming, web design, Wikipedia support, and IRC Chat System. The online networking applications usually run with the help of the major interface of the Anon project, including the digital networks, educational system, various tools and comfortable operating options. At the same time, the router application model consists of the installation part as well as start-up functionality (IRC, 2011).

Anon Plus Management, Marketing and Public Relations

The stable growth and proficient development is possible due to the descent management and organization of the work frame, including the special positions and roles for the management meetings as well as regular daily meetings with the team members. Consequently, the marketing and public relations campaign development depend on the social networks as well as various information distribution channels. The key strategy to success of the Anonymous Hacking Group is the obvious fact of telling the truth to people all over the Internet (Anonymous, 2011).

The descent governance practice is based on the Code of Conduct (CoC) that reveals the nature of the Anon project in terms of its platform and operational system functionality. In addition, the stability is defined by the major roles of the team that state the simple but effective rules. In other words, for the Anon project it is important to reach the objectives of being thoughtful, respect the other members of the team, and take turns to participate in the group work of any kind, consult others and ask for support in case needed. The thing is not to be afraid of not knowing what is required (Anon Plus Project and Network Plans, 2011).

Anon Plus Geo IP Location

On any stage of the process, there are different steps to manage the operations of the server and managing the functionality of the router. There is a certain procedure on how to set everything up in details, so everyone, who uses the system, could easily follow the installation procedure in order to manage the Geo IP Location setup. This could be possible due to the so-called “BitCoin Supporter Miner” that supports the overall system with the sufficient processes to work with.

Anon Plus Live Anon Plus and Website Functionality

As it was mentioned previously, the chat operates due to the IRC messaging system and the website is operated in the anonymous style discussion board (IRC, 2011).

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