Are Marriage Statistics Divorced from Reality?

One of the purest predictors that wedding promises hold some water is the age of this  wedding. Take an example over '70s: almost 81% of college graduates getting hitched in that decade at an age of 26 or even older, remained married even 20 years later. About 65% of the Campus grads who claimed before their 26th birthday did make it that far. Only 49% of those married young, who did so in the absence of a degree lasted around 20 years, a cohort which Parker-Pope utilizes rather little time saying. What is clear is that lower-income; less-educated couples tend to split up often than college grads.

New statistical studies confirms that human play's a role in climate change

The notion that global warming can be  triggered by a change in the solar output other than human activity has faced another punch by new investigation of the volcanic, temperature, and solar-radiation statistics by the physicists. These researches seldom rely on the climatic models that cannot account for the entire global-warming mechanisms. Rather, the work discloses a worth noting statistical link in between greenhouse gas emissions and the rising temperatures, some evidence for the human-induced or rather “anthropogenic” climate variation emerge from climate models that simulate dynamics of the entire atmosphere through complex fluids-flow equation. Though almost all the climate models designate that the entire Earth’s temperature is likely to continue to rising, some critics in the name of climate-change skeptics are suggesting that  anthropogenic impacts may have been over estimated.

U.S.A's teen pregnancy is  at an all-time low across almost all ethnicities

Rates at which teenagers are becoming mothers is diminishing rapidly, according to a new report distributed by Centers for the Diseases Control and disease Prevention center. The report claims that the operative applications of prevention information/ massages have contributed, positively towards helping stop teenage pregnancy. The research showed that both the increased of application of contraception and the application of Birth control pill, and condoms has been observed to increase. Though, teen pregnancy has been declining, most government still incurs costs, or expenses that if  estimated can be around $11.9 billion on a yearly basis, while carrying a higher risk both for babies and  young mothers.

The above statistics are extremely vital as they affect as both as individuals and as a nation, one will realize that, should a lot of national income be used in preventing teens pregnancy, then the government will experience budget deficit, in which resources will be unequally allocated, making some sectors of the economy not to develop as expected,  in addition to general under development, of the entire economy.

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