Ashley Payne's Case Discussion

The profession of a teacher requires a special behavior, as this is one of the most influential jobs with regards to students’ outlook and formation of some psychological features in school years. School teachers help young people form a behavior model and influence their decision-making process. In other words, they are role models for students. At the same time, this should only be considered within the context of the teaching process. Ashley Payne did not demonstrate any irrelevant behavior at the school.

Having made the decision to fire her because of her photo on Facebook, the Barrow Country School violated the teacher’s right to privacy and freedom of speech, which is unacceptable in a democratic society, since the abovementioned are constitutional rights of every individual. Moreover, the photo that became the trigger for fierce arguments was protected by privacy settings, not everyone could see it, and Ashley did not have her students in her Facebook friends list. Therefore, it proves that she took precautions not to offend her students. 

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The incident could be an example of discrimination. Moreover, the decision to fire a person was made ignoring her professional qualities and based only on judgment of her private life. No employer can control or influence in his/her employees’ personal life in any way. Social networks are intended to shed light on some facets of personal life, and misusing people’s private information is the line beyond which democratic principles stop acting. If any organization is concerned about its employees’ representation in social media, additional discussion can be held and an additional agreement should be signed. Otherwise, this part of life is private.

Ashley Payne should be reinstated in the Barrow Country School. This situation can be explored from different perspectives and has the disputable aspects presented above. However, only Ashley Payne’s return to the classroom will prove supremacy of democratic principles in the United States.

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